Ad Group Contains One or More Ads and A Set of Related Keywords

For best results, try to focus all the ads and keywords in this ad group on one product or serviceFrom my previous post I discussed on how I decided to use multiple location extensions in one Ad Group. This post is another conversation I had with Google Adword’s Account Manager. I decided to contact them again because I attempted to duplicate my 1st Ad Group. My luck was not that good. I encountered an error that hinders me in saving my newly setup ad (2nd Ad Group).

The error states:

An ad group contains one or more ads and a set of related keywords. For best results, try to focus all the ads and keywords in this ad group on one product or service.

Google told me to visit these resources below:

Even with those resources, I still have many questions in mind that need answers. So I contact Google Adwords customer service for the 2nd time around with an error.

Here’s our conversation:

Google Account Specialist:

Hello Baloydi! This is Chin

How are you doing today?


Doing fine. How ’bout you Chin?

Google Account Specialist:

Well, too, thank you!

I read this is about your ad group structure?


Yes, I am trying to ad a second ad group but I got that message

been searching no results

Basically I want to duplicate the 1st ad group but with different location extension

Google Account Specialist:

Right – let me take a look at this for you

Got it

Baloydi – just one thing tho – I see that you’ve got a dedicated rep assigned for your account – like an Account Manager from Google

would you like me to have them reach out to you about this? They’re the best person to give you dedicated support for your account’s performance

of course if this is urgent, I’m very happy to help out for now too –


Yes, I got a chat with **** yesterday

Right now, I want to duplicate the 1st ad group with diff loc.

When you say dedicated will I be transferred or emailed?

Google Account Specialist:

emailed or called within 1 day or so


I see, can you help me I am doing it today.

Google Account Specialist:

But sure – if this is for right now, I’m happy to help out – and maybe also give your dedicated rep (meaning they’ll be with you throughout the quarter) – so you guys can catch up anyway.

Sure thing – just a few minutes while I look at this for you


Okay. Thanks

Google Account Specialist:

Thanks – so I see that you’ve already applied both your location extensions to your one ad group

can you give me a little more context about the idea behind creating two identical ad groups – but only with different LEs? It’ll help me understand better how you want to structure this

for instance, if you’re targeting the same geography (which you will be doing because that’s a campaign level setting) – the location extension that will show will depend on where the user is located – and whichever one suits them better.

so there would essentially be no difference if you create 2 ad groups in place of one – and the bad thing will be that if you have the same keywords and ad copies, you’ll compete internally, within your own campaign, which is never a good thing.


Thanks for the insights. The reason for this is that we have a ‘new’ location(branch), and we wanted to boost it.

Also, we’ll be doubling our budget for this.

Google Account Specialist:

got it –


The thing also it’s located within on town or city


Google Account Specialist:

You mean the new location is super close to the older one?

Because you have the other option of creating a new campaign for this new location – if it’s a distinct enough location to use different location targeting settings altogether.


One moment, I’ll check on Google maps

Google Account Specialist:



This is the map is provided.

Please check the map

Google Account Specialist:

yes – pretty close

another campaign won’t make sense for this

just to clarify – the promotion remains the same for both these right?



We just want to boost the 2nd address a.s.a.p.

Just newly opened

Google Account Specialist:


Please just give me a few minutes while I look into what the best strategy here would be.


sure. thanks

Google Account Specialist:

thanks a lot – just discussed this with a specialist too

so – there’s no way to highlight just one if you have both location extensions applied to the ad group

but in this case, 2 ad groups certainly wont’ make sense

and since the locations aren’t far apart, 2 campaigns also won’t make sense.

To do this right, we can use 2 methods.


Yes, go ahead.

Google Account Specialist:

1) Keep just the new location extension (disabling the older one) for a while, so that users will only see the new one.

2) Keep both LEs, users will automatically see the one which is more relevant to them (the location they’re specifically searching or the one that’s closest to their physical location) – but on top of that, you use a “Callout” extension – calling out the fact that you have a new location now.


I see, this is a very difficult decision.

1st option, this is not applicable since we are doubling our budget, and we don’t want the other location to be less performing

Google Account Specialist:


And yes, I can understand –

the only other thing you can do is

tweak the ad copies themselves to use one line to say that you’ve got this new one

instead of relying only on a callout (which, as any other extension, is not guaranteed to always show)

Google Account Specialist:

depending on how well known you are already, though, I’d either change my ad copy itself (if pretty well known), or rely only on the callout (if not so well known)


Using your last suggestion doubling our budget will be no use, and both of LEs will be less performing(sharing the same ad group)

Google Account Specialist:

well, even when they share the same ad group – it doesn’t mean that either of their visibility will be lower.

it just means that the system picks when to show which (which it does logically)


I see, how about our budget?

Google Account Specialist:

doubling your budget essentially will help you tap a larger chunk of your total potential audience.

if x is your total potential audience – the bigger your budget, the closer you’ll get to reaching the total potential audience, x.


Currently our market has low volume of searches(example 10)

Google Account Specialist:

the location extensions are ancillary in that sense. But since you do have this new thing, you can use callouts or the ad copies themselves to highlight it.

Right –


I see. Basing from the possible resolutions. Would it be better if I’ll jus create a completely diff ad group/


with different keywords?

and ads?

Google Account Specialist:

well, if the keywords can be totally different (no overlap wiht the existing ad group) – then yes. You can do this.

But be very sure to use totally different keywords, otherwise, your own keywords may cannibalize traffic for another keyword, lowering the latter’s quality scores, etc. which won’t be healthy for your campaign overall


Pretty scary for me. By the way I am sorry if this is costing you time. But our company is monitoring the performances.

of each location

Google Account Specialist:

No problem at all, Baloydi – happy to be able to be of any help here.

And yes, I can imagine that this is a bit scary, especially if you’re looking to double the budget.

but the thing to note here is – the performances of these locations will not be jeopardized

if you run both the LEs on just one ad group

I think if you have a clear goal for what you’re looking to achieve, say, in the next, 3 months –

we can figure out the optimal way to do this.

This group chat did not receive your chat.

Google Account Specialist:

In fact, for exactly conversations such as these, you’ve got a dedicated rep for your account. I’ll make sure to brief him about this as well.

Your message may not have been received.


Thanks for the assurance

Right now I think I will be doubling the price to $***/day and I think adding new keywords may help. Make sense?

Google Account Specialist:

Yes – certainly

do also feel free to explore the option of using a callout to highlight your new location


Before we we go, can you check for me the LEs performances from yesterday until today?

Google Account Specialist:

sure –

just a minute

So, looking at the ad extensions tab

> locations


i just wanted to verify the data I’m seeing

Google Account Specialist:

right –

25/344 clicks/impressions on the ***Address* one

18/284 clicks/impressions on the other one


I see we have almost the same data which gives me somewhat an assurance.

Google Account Specialist:

Yes, today’s data will have a small amount of difference in lag

possibly due to our timezone difference too

but yes, they seem to be doing well – and one isn’t outperforming the other in any dramatic way


First of, thank you so much for such great patience with me. You’re such a great person!

You gave me various insights

I think that’s all for today.

Google Account Specialist:

Not at all, very happy to help. And of course, none of this is cakewalk, I wish you all the best.

And do expect to hear form your rep some time soon as well.

Thanks again for chatting Baloydi! Quick survey coming up about our service, we’d love to hear your opinion. Cheers!

Google Support

Please take 2 minutes to provide your feedback on your latest interaction with our online specialist:
Google Support left group chat.

Google Account Specialist left group chat.


Finally after all my hesitations I decided to double my daily budget and used just 1 Ad Group with multiple location extensions. This time I had an assurance and learned you stuff. Still I am so grateful with Google Adwords’ support. They’re very helpful! Till the next time. 🙂

Please leave a message below, and tell me what you think is the best for my scenario. ^^

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