Adding Author Photo in WordPress Fancier Author Box Plugin

Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup

 Fancier Author Box Plugin is a fancy looking theme for author box  displaying for author bio details, associated posts and social media profiles. According to the plugin developer, you can display your author image using Gravatar. The problem is, some bloggers have not setup-ed or are not familiar yet as to the importance on setting up Gravatar profiles. Gravatar is usually used as a global holder of images which can be used as your avatar for various Wordress community participation such as blog commenting and support assistance. You don’t need upload your Avatar image every time you comment, all you need to do it login to WordPress that’s  connected to Grav or input the email associated with Grav, then your image will be displayed. 

Implementation for Fancier 

Bios are more credible if there will be photos included. Personal image is a requirement if you wanted to establish yourself as a web author. I have listed  some point for your Grav image to show up on Fancier.

  • Make sure that you completed your Grav profile like photos, name and other details
  • Make sure you verified your WordPress Account to Grav on Verified Services Tab
  • Add your blog links to Grav on Websites Tab
  • In your WordPress Blog Settings > go to Discussion Settings > under Default Avatar enable Gravatar Logo then save.
  • Delete your blogs cache to see some changes


Fancier Author Box Plugin does not support image user uploads of aside from using Gravatar. For some reason, Grav would not also work  if not property configured. If this is the case then you won’t be able to upload custom avatar images that is best fit for your website or see your photo on the Author box.

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