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Architect is a WordPress theme for professionals and companies who wanted to attain online presence through highlighting their team, portfolio, and their organization as a whole. 

Below are the list of advantages that I wanted to emphasize on this WP theme review.

Cost Saving

 Working for more than a year in the software industry being a junior programmer and a digital marketer  I would say that – most small and medium large businesses tend to spend more money by hiring web developers in setting up their online portfolio or website. One thing that they have’t realized is that instead of spending and waiting for several weeks of  website development, they could just browse from thousands of various WordPress themes available on the web which ranges from free to paid. 

Of course they need to choose the right and perfect theme that best-fit for their needs and requirements. For example, if they buy a $35 dollar WordPress theme that is highly customizable, niche-specific, easy to setup and requires less technical knowledge then that would be cost saving decision. They could save time and spend less. 

Drag and Drop Functionality

You can easily arrange the data items that you wanted to convey on your website homepage. With the Architect theme’s drag and drop functionality you can decide your own layout without any knowledge in Php, CSS or WordPress programming.

Parallax Effect 

I am a very fan of parallax effect when scrolling it makes your site cool and modern. The parallax does not only highlight the items on your page but it also emphasizes the background images that goes with it.

Portfolio Spotlight

For Architect and other companies who always leverage their portfolio to clients –Architect WordPress theme is your man. The theme will let you gather all your feature projects into one portfolio. In addition, the theme also enables portfolio management whenever you need to edit or add more items to it.

Localization Thru’ Maps

The Architect’s map integration makes your visitors feel more localized. Using this functionality you can pinpoint your company address, and will help potential clients your value through location.

Counter Stats

Architect WordPress Theme - Counter Stats Feature

Counters will help your potential clients visualize the overall reach of your company through the total number of organizations that you have already helped. 

Brand Selections

Architect WordPress Theme - Brand Selections

Partnerships to reputed brands makes your company reputable as well direct or indirectly on the eyes of your prospect clients. Another Architect theme’s feature will let you indicate and list your partners and companies you’ve helped through their logo uploads.   

Clean Blog Homepage With Playable Media on Post Preview

Architect WordPress Theme - Aweseome Blog Homepage with Media on Overview


When I review WordPress Themes I always check out its blog design, functionality and SEO friendliness. Now I would say that this theme has very clean and professional blog homepage. Also the post preview found on the homepage has a playable media a substitute for the usual use of images.

Architect’s blog post integrates well with WP Review Pro – a great way to show your audience that you make reviews and at the same time you take reviews from them.


Other Features

You can find the Architect Theme’s other feature here

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