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Google has announced the importance of web authorship for a website to be ranked on top of Google Search Results. From that point forward webmasters, bloggers, marketers, and SEOs are very eager to build their authorship online by verifying their authorship for a specific website using Google+. WordPress as a  leading platform for blogging, has quite number of plugins varying from free to paid that enables author’s verify their identity on Google while beautifully presenting his/her self to their readers using author box. Author Box plugins comes from simple to complex implementations, and features from limited to many.


Today I will present the best free author bio box plugin for WordPress. It’s called  Starbox, authored by two genius developers named Florin Muresan and Squirrly UK. I have listed the reasons below why this plugin is the best among the best.

  1. It’s Free
  2. Highly Customizable
  3. Packed with many features
  4. SEO Friendly
  5. Easy to setup
  6. Multiple Authorship
  7. Flat Design for Social Media
  8. Many themes to  choose from
  9. It’s features are the combination of all author box plugins in WordPress
  10. Plugin Authors are Intuitive

 Starbox – the Author Box for Humans

Best Free Author Box Plugin for WordPress


  • The HTML version used by author for the plugin is HTML5 which is capable of running on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets and more.
  • Using Microformats, a language that Google spider understand by reading structured information on a page. The author indicates that he uses vCard properties and values to inform Google what is the right Rich Snippet to display on the result.
  • As the Administrator, you have the ability to enhance each of your author’s biography if you let multiple authors on your site.
  • Google Authorship is easy to setup, just provide the Google+ profile link then your done
  • Have options where to place your author box where ever you like such as posts and pages.
  • Social Media Profiles are easy to setup and each of them has beautiful buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Klout, Google+, LinkedIN, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Vimeo
  • Flat Design for Social Media Buttons
  • Composed of two sections/tabs, bio and the latest post.
  • Display the latest posts of the author
  • Many themes to choose from
  • You can customize the name of your author box
  • You can set up company details if the author represents a company
  • Can setup your own Author Bio Details without following the plugin’s default format
  • You can easy administer your authors, if you want to show or hide them
  • Its enables you to upload images for the author without setting up Gravatar
  • Add the author box anywhere using shortcode


If you find this plugin the best fit for your needs, please help the authors by donating or rating the plugin 5 stars to support their further developments.

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