MyThemeShop Schema WordPress Theme Review with Bonus SEO Tips

MyThemeShop Schema Review + Fast Loading and SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes Reviews


WordPress themes before are usually created beautifully without considering any SEO OnPage optimizations. One common misconception is that as long as WordPress themes are attractive to visitors then there is a greater chance of a site to convert. But a site can never convert if it will not perform well on Google search results. Some beautiful WordPress themes  have complicated design layouts and heavy site resources which greatly affects a site’s loading speed. Slow-loading site increases bounce rate and not very user friendly which Google algorithms hate. Websites with WordPress themes that are slow-loading gets penalized by Google and ranks lower on search results. So why choose a slow-loading WordPress themes if you can have fast-loading ones?


themeshop logoReview: Top SEO Friendly Themes For WordPress with Schema Markup

Schema WordPress Theme Review

Are you looking for the best seo friendly theme that could bring your site to the top results? Then this is the perfect wp theme for you.

Top seo friendly wordpress themeDemo


Below are the list of review features that will make you decide to choose it.

SEO Friendly WordPress Themes with Schema Features


Mobile internet usage increased dramatically over the past years from various mobile internet dependent apps to mobile browsing. Surprisingly the after 3 years the desktop usage will be overpowered by mobile. Now, I won’t be discussing about the old debate in choosing between responsive website versus native application on this blog post. Instead I will just have to emphasize that most websites today should be responsive by default. Today, most website owners should quickly migrate from static layout websites to responsive ones to maximize user experience but off-course administrators should make sure that it would undergo quality assurance and UIX tests.

Before acquiring a responsive website is so costly but in recent years especially in WordPress theme’s market place WordPress developers and companies now offers affordable responsive themes that can be bought even below $100. Going back on track, Schema theme is a fully responsive website that can seamlessly display on different devices such as iPhone, Android phones and tablets. Inspired by most native apps , Schema navigation menus are like Sliding Drawer that can be seen commonly on Android device screens. In the demo website, you can test the theme on various screen options to verify its flexibility across various displays. I would also recommend testing the theme yourself if you have available resources.SEO Friendly WordPress Themes with Schema Features wit Ad Management

Everyone dreams to have a long-term passive income on the internet. Some of the revenue streams that can be a good source of passive income are affiliates, blogging and site advertising, Most bloggers earn from ads on their sites through different advertising and publisher platforms such as Adsense, Infolinks, BuyandSell ads and the like. The Schema Theme enables you to place your ads where ever you like it with its built-in add placing management, and with MyThemeShop’s Connect Plugin – enables insertion of various add sizes on the site’s widget area, and updates your theme in just one click. The Connect Plugin is a freemium one and is available to all MyThemeShop subscribers.SEO Friendly WordPress Themes with Schema Features plus review markup

If you are a product, service, company, food and website reviewer. This theme enables you to seamlessly add reviews on your posts. This is not an ordinary review feature. The rating system is also SEO friendly, which means it has been designed to let search engines understand the content of your reviews using Structured Data Markup like microdata, microformats, RDFa, and can also be indicated on Google’s Data Highlighter thus increasing the chances of your site being displayed on the results with rich snippet. For advance review system the Schema Theme is also compatible with WP Review Pro which contains many additional features and highly customizable.   

 rich-snippet-support-seo theme

compare genesis theme versus schema (mythemeshop) theme

Comparison Report: Schema Versus Other Similar Themes

GTmetrix was a tool developed and designed to help determine a site’s performance through these main criteria: Page Speed, YSlow, Page Load Time, Total Page Site and Total Number of Request. An attempt was made to determine the site’s performance comparing Schema to other WordPress Themes. From the result above, the site with Schema theme showed an outstanding analytics compared to the other sites. For verification, you may check it yourself just visit: and enter the direct demo site for each theme. Note: Make sure you’re analyzing the direct URL not the website viewer window. 

My favorite functionality is the theme’s option panel it is very detailed, and does not require full knowledge in programming to customize the layout, the font size, font style, background color and patterns, and many more.

For me it is the most SEO friendly WordPress Theme ever!


Best WordPress Theme

Best-seo friendly wordpress theme

For optimum conversion, your website should be engaging which starts on its design. Engaging design increases your visitor’s interest towards your site’s information that may result to your desired conversion. One should also note that even if you have an engaging design without unique quality content – one of the important factors in OnPage SEO, may result in loosing your visitor’s attention.

With the Best Theme’s flat design and highly customizable layouts enables webmasters in total control to the look and feel of the website that best blends to its industry. Blending your website to its industry environment makes the site visitors more comfortable and be more engaging. These points may indirectly affect your SEO rankings but your are not forgetting to prioritize what is the most importance factor – your audience.

best -seo theme  features

SEO friendly sites should integrate schema markup in their site to let search engines understand its content; thus, display appropriate results on search engine results. Rich snippets helps the searcher find the right information that he/she wanted. Having a Theme like Best would definitely snatch the searchers attention and increases your site to get high click-through making it more discoverable. 
best -seo theme  features- less coding errors and browser support

According to Matt Cutts, site errors are still not included factor in determining search rankings. He also added that having a less or error free codes would also be beneficial is some many ways such as easy integration, and convenient bug tracking. If you love to add more features to a theme, then Best theme is great for you or your developers.

Client-side applications such as web browsers are built with various programming languages, platforms and other technologies. Web browsers have their own behaviors on how they render and display webpages. If you have a WordPress theme like Best should support different web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and many more.

The highlight of this theme is the integration of, a collection of items that most search engines understand especially Google; fast loading pages and great UI design.


SociallyViral WordPress Theme


A WordPress Theme designed for making your blog posts viral through social media, specially if you are using compelling images.

Entrepreneurship WordPress Theme

Entrepreneurship-Wordpress Theme


Entrepreneurship is a WordPress theme designed to leverage your products and blogposts using a magazine type design with 3 columns. Don’t forget it’s SEO friendly!

 Business WordPress Theme

Business-Wordpress Theme

Business WordPress theme is created for corporate type of design showcasing the company updates, galleries, products and the management. It’s a theme that combines SEO and corporate representations.

WooCart WordPress Theme

WooCart-WordPress Theme SEO friendly

WooCart WordPress Theme is compatible with WooCommerce, one of leading ecommerce platforms designed for WordPress framework. WooCart gives high conversion rate due to its obvious design and intent. Never forget that its Schema integrated and SEO friendly in many ways.

SteadyIncome WordPress Theme

SteadyIncome-WordPress Theme

SteadyIncome WordPress Theme is great for bloggers, and affiliate marketers. The theme leverages branding, subscription conversion, and Ecommerce ready. Using it’s SEO friendly implementations such as great coding, schema integration, and user friendly design you can be the leader on the search engines results. 

Corporate WordPress Theme

Corporate-Company-Wordpress Theme

Corporate WP theme enables you to feature your portfolio, team members, and services. This theme is great for businesses, agencies, corporations, freelancers, and institutions. Corporate is also a search engine optimized theme  with the strong integration of Schema markup. Your organization increases the chances of being found on search results with rich snippets. Thus, increases your click-through rate in no time.

Magazine WP Theme

Magazine-WordPress Theme

Magazine is a WP theme that gives you elegant design in a SEO friendly way. It has multiple post formats, integrated social sharing options and many more features. Magazine is perfect for showcasing your contents in a professional way.

MobileApp WordPress Theme

MobileApp-WordPress Theme

If you are a Mobile Application developer or Mobile Apps provider MobileApps WordPress theme is the best theme for you. MobileApps helps you display screenshots from your app which gives you greater chances of attracting conversions. It has less coding/programming errors and Google will love your site for less Schema markup errors. Share you apps to the world in a professional and SEO friendly approach.

Video WP Theme

Video-WordPress Theme


Video WordPress Theme is created to address the exact needs of video bloggers. If you have a vlog that uses the WordPress framework then Video theme is perfect for you. I features all of your videos make them highly shareable through social media. Your site’s bounce rate will decrease when you implement this theme due to its very engaging design in-which visitors can’t help but click and watch a video. DON’T forget video theme is SEO optimized and I think this the best Video theme that existed today.  

NewsOnline Theme

NewsOnline-WordPress Theme

NewsOnline WordPress theme is built with SEO mind and has been designed to adhere to all of Google’s guidelines. With this theme your site will be indexed quickly and your pages and content will rank in no time. Frequency of blog postings increases your chance of being included on Google News Feed. Thus, this theme is perfect for you if you post news every now and then. Ultimately, this makes life easier for your digital marketing team and results in more visitors and more profits for your business.



Bonus Tips: WordPress Onpage Factors That Are SEO-Friendly

These tips will help you rethink how you review a WordPress Theme prior to purchase.

1) Fast-Loading Pages

 Some studies show that fast-loading pages gain higher rate of conversions. That’s why the leading search engine Google include site speed in their search engine ranking. The faster your pages load increases the changes of your website being explored by its visitors. The overall impact of fast-loading pages is the improvement of user experience. 

2) Built-in Vocabularies and The Use of Relevant Syntaxes

Having a website that has an integrated structured data mark-up could directly or indirectly affect a site’s ranking on search results but the use of structured data on your pages could help search engines understand the content of the website. Since, search engines can understand the contents of your pages it could display relevant results according to the users query. This is where rich snippets come in. Studies show that a search result that is most relevant to user’s query especially with rich snippets receives high click-through. A website that has high-click through increases the chances of desired conversion such as sales, sign-up, subscription and more. Thus, it is essential for a WordPress theme to have a built-in structured data and should not rely on third-party WordPress plugins such as Yoast and All in One SEO.

 3) Less/with No Code Errors

Code errors can be a disadvantage in many ways, examples would be the the loading speed of your site resources, the time browsers render your page, and the overall experience of your users. The best SEO WordPress Theme can’t afford to have validation errors for html, css, boostrap, javascript and other web code errors.

4)  Less/with No Schema-Markup Errors

Aside from coding errors, one should always consider the SEO friendliness of a WordPress Theme specially for OnPage factors. OnPage SEO has many branches and all of them are certainly important. One of the OnPage SEO branches are the implementation of Schema Markup. Schema Markup is created to let search engines (SE) understand your website internally. Search engines tries to read the Schema Markup of a website hoping to better perceive the significance of a particular page from a search query. In technical explanation, Schema can effectively let search engines filter and arrange your webpage data for better compilation and relatively display it on search results. Also, this can be a big factor for Google Knowledge Graph both directly and indirectly.

5) Mobile Usability

Before webmasters always worry about browser compatibility but now you should also worry about your site’s mobile-friendliness. Google has this tool called, Mobile Usability where it measures how mobile-friendly your site is for both search engines and its users. Mobile Usability is always focused on user experience, which means whatever phone screen sizes your website are render into should not affect the overall user experience.

This is where WordPress responsive comes in. But then again not all themes are created equal so choose the best theme that truly gives you excellent site performance in Mobile Usability.

6) Engaging Design

Beauty is not enough, your site should also be engaging. You cannot afford to let your visitors leave, even if you have a beautiful WordPress theme it doesn’t guarantee that visitors will stay. Thus the best WordPress Theme should always have a very engaging design so that will it not let your visitors leave. A WP theme that has engaging design doesn’t imply that it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s just minimal in display.

Competitors are everywhere, and it increases relatively with time. SO having an engaging WordPress theme gives you a lot of advantages.


Last Updated: September 09, 2015

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