Best Call Tracking Service For Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have become one of the largest sources for advertising because they allow you to specifically target people.  There is one problem with Facebook Ads, though, tracking whether an ad is responsible for sale or not can be difficult.  That is where call tracking software comes in handy, with call tracking software you can determine what ads create sales.

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What Is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software is essentially a program that allows you to detect the difference between numbers that are calling you and writes it to a log.  Phone numbers for call tracking software work like any other number but they have a special designator inside the program.  Each call that received is documented with the phone number that was called, the phone number calling, the name of the user, call date and time, and location. 

You can also record your call if you enable that function.  You have to check to make sure that it is legal to record phone calls in your state.

What Are The Two Different Types of Numbers?

When using call tracking software you have two different options for phone numbers: static phone numbers and dynamic phone numbers.  Both numbers have their own features and benefits.

Static Phone Numbers

Static phone numbers are those that stay the same.  You can have different phone numbers for each ad but each viewer sees the same phone number when viewing the same ad.  For example, if you put the number (111) 111-1111 in an ad, every viewer will see the same phone number.  

Dynamic Phone Numbers

Dynamic phone numbers are a little more complicated to track but they provide you with more information.  A dynamic phone number changes for each person that views the ad.  That means that if John and Bob view the same ad, they will see different numbers.  This allows you to get each unique view with a different number.  It still returns the same meta information.

How Call Tracking Helps You Track Your Ads

The most obvious way that call tracking works is that it provides you with the meta information for each caller.  It also allows you to use that information to track whether or not someone buys from you when they click one of your Facebook Ads.  You can cross check the call information from the call tracking software with your purchases.

You can use all of the information gathered from call tracking software to get an idea of what kind of customer is utilizing your Facebook Ads.  It is a way to better target your ads.  The better you target your ads, the more likely you will be to get sales.

Recorded phone calls also allow you to track whether a tactic works or not.  It also allows you to review whether a sale was made via the call tracking software.

Tips For Call Tracking

If it is legal in your state you should be recording all your calls.  It works for gathering more information about the conversion but it also allows you to perform quality assurance checks.

Use the call tracking software to track your conversions from start to finish.  Sometimes only the first purchase is made from the phone call, attach the phone number that they called to the users account so that you can see a whole timeline of the user’s purchases.

Assign local numbers to callers who are in your area if the software will allow it.  This allows local users to feel like they are calling a real business.  Everyone hates 1-800 numbers.

Test your software when you first get it so that you know how it works and what you get out of it.  It’s always better to know how to use the software before you need to rather than when you need to.

You don’t have to use call tracking software only on Facebook.  Use it anywhere that you advertise to get the most out of your advertisements.

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