How To Convert Point Blank Cash To Points?

In this article, I will show you how you can convert your Point Blank Cash to Points. Before we begin you have to make sure that your Garena shells are already converted to Point Blank Cash.

Convert Point Blank Cash To Points

  • Make sure that you have enough Point Blank Cash
  • Go to “SHOP” tab
  • On the “SHOP” tab, click the secondary menu called “ITEM”
  • Browse the items, and look for the item called “Point Bomb”, see image below
  • There are two Point Bombs, the Point Bomb Mini and Point Bomb Special
  • Both of these items will help you convert your Point Blank Cash to Points
  • Purchase one of these items, Point Bomb Mini has a price of 300 cash and Point Bomb Special has a price of 700 cash
  • After you purchase an item using “Cash”, you will have the option to use it right away
  • Once you open the Point Bomb item, it will give you a random amount of points e.g. 500 or 1000 points
  • If you have enough cash, you can purchase a lot of Point Bombs until you reach your desired number of points e.g. 69, 000 cash

See Screenshot

point blank convert cash to points

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