Drivers Needed After Installing/Formatting Windows

List of Drivers after installation and formatting

List of Drivers Needed After Installing/Formatting Windows

Windows is one of the two most popular operating systems for computers and as such, there have been plenty of times when people have had problems with their systems.  When you reformat your computer due to a virus, hardware, software, or firmware issue you will need to reinstall everything that was previously on the computer.  That includes the drivers.  One of the first things that you are going to want to get working is the internet browser.

Almost all drivers and software can be retrieved from the internet.  These six important downloads are the ones that you should look into downloading first.

Graphics Driver

Only install the driver that is compatible with your hardware or computer specs.

Ethernet Network Driver (LAN Driver)

 Download an offline installer of your LAN driver. It important that you know your computer specification so that you will be able to download the right LAN driver. Example drivers : RealTekEthernet LAN controller. If you can install the internet driver it would be easier for you to download on the net the rest of the driver presented below.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution

C++ is one of the most powerful programming languages out there.  In order to be able to run programs made with this language you will need to have Microsoft’s latest Visual C++ Redistribution installed.  Without it, a lot of programs will not work properly.  Some won’t even install until you have this driver installed.  That means that you will be without some of your favorite (or required) programming until this distribution is downloaded and installed properly.

.NET Framework

Another part of the Visual collection is the .NET Framework.  The collection of information that this driver installs on your computer allows it to run a large amount of programs and XML based services.  It is essentially a collection of code that programmers can reference inside their own code so that they don’t have to spend extra time adding it to their programs.  By leaving this code out of programs and making it part of a driver set, it also keeps the size of programs that use it to a relatively low amount of data.

Not having the .NET Framework means that any program that relies on that code cannot be used.  Part of the program is missing when the drivers are missing.  A lot of popular programs and games utilize parts of the .NET code collection.


DirectX is a driver that enhances the multimedia power of your computer.  Through it you can experience better sound, input, and video quality.  By using DirectX in a program or game, that application is able to detect the hardware and firmware that your computer runs on.  From there, it can optimize the usability experience of the program.  It also allows for the application to take full advantage of the computer’s power.

Without DirectX drivers installed a lot of programs will not function.  Others will not function properly.  You can install programs and games that require DirectX before installing DirectX itself but it is needed to run the program.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a player that is utilized by your computer in order to play certain content and websites that are made using Flash programming.  Flash was originally utilized mainly for games and web-based applications but it caught on in the design of websites because it allows for highly interactive websites.

If you don’t have flash installed, many websites cannot be viewed properly.  Some desktop programs might also not function properly.  Online product displays, games, and other content depends highly on Flash.

Adobe Shockwave

Similar to Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave is a toolset used to power multimedia applications, content, and even games.  While the program had its biggest popularity in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  With that in mind, there are still plenty of ways that Shockwave can be deployed and it is still considered necessary.

Java Web

Java Web is a program that is required by many different applications on the internet.  Java allows for the creation of many different internet powered applications.  From games to applications to parts of websites can all be created with this software.  It is required in order to access many different websites around the internet and should be among one of the first drivers that you install on you computer.

Other drivers you will need will be for the peripherals that are plugged into your computer.  Many things from the mouse to your video card, require drivers in order to function.  Until you download the drivers, some of the most basic devices, like your monitor, will function off generic drivers but may not function at 100% and may have ongoing problems.

In order to use your computer stably after you reformat your hard drive and reinstall Windows, you will need to install all of your drivers.  The drivers listed here are just among some of the most important.  You will need to consult your specific setup in order to determine your exact needs.

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