Learn How To Earn Money Online For Free

Ways that helps you determine on how you really earn online for free

In the digital era wherein most of the customers use digital products like desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and more. Most businesses nowadays convert their marketing strategies to the different kinds of outlets like the internet and mobile networks to reach out existing and potential customers before they  use TVs, newpapers and radios to mention some. As part the digital era, you can make use of technology to earn money.

Online Investment

Some are investing money online, hoping to build a strong foundation in the internet business, but does not imply that you can successfully penetrate to the chosen field. For example, paying high amount of money to a web designer to build a website for eBook marketing, after setting a website the site owner wants his website to have lots of visitors and decided to hire a SEO expert to optimize his sites pages to rank well in pagerank or webrank. Then he applies for a Pay per click program to gain a more targeted visitors. I addition, to increase sites traffic submitting to the Search Directories is an option too, though inclusion will cost for about $299 per year(yahoo dir), some submission are also free(but usually low quality links ).  But does not end up there, the site owners should be patient enough to promote his site by creating quality backlinks, pointing to his site to increase his rank in search engine results or if he has more budget he can employ for a SEO professional to the job for him. Note: To be a successful online marketer one should spend a few bucks to obtain the best results, by that time you’re earning thousand bucks a month, although there are free offers that can help. Joining a commission programs online is another approach to earn money online free.


PTC and Affiliate Programs

Earn money online. Earn by just clicking or earn though sales commission free. You should give it a try. Do not be afraid to become successful. Due to unavailability of work in our localities, many individuals tend to convert their attention to online business. Now a days, considering that most people use the internet, as their primary source of information gave rise to some ways to earn online; to mention some these includes building sites for marketing purposes, applying for a commission programs in the net and joining free PTC sites.

As a beginner in online business, your only hope is to begin searching for the keywords “Earn Money Online Free”, so you did find millions of links related to your search. One of these is the online commission programs that many of us are familiar in the outside world. But these can be more effective if you have a site to promote the products you are selling. There are some popular and secure sites that offer this kind of programs like Amazon and Commission Junction. If a person can efficiently use his resources to promote his products to the right costumers then he can really earn $1,000 a month but there are disadvantages for affiliate programs. The most frequent result shown when you search for the keywords earn money online free are the PTC sites.

Paid to click or PTC sites, are the most popular and the fastest way to earn, although most of them are scams. Some offers 0.1 dollars per click or greater but this is too risky; these sites might be a scam. Mostly PTC sites offers buying rentals or referral revealing a very promising income per month, take note this maybe an indication that the sites programs are scams. Before joining to any programs please see to it that the site you are in, is not in the scam lists. Try to search it, in google for a the site’s review. Take note for the minimum payout and what are the ways to withdraw your earnings.

Always remember that the most successful hopefuls in the net business, from the phrase “Earn Online” has build a great foundation to reach in what they are now, bearing in mind that they also experienced being a victim to all types of scam in the internet. So do not be afraid to be a fail in your fields, just continue striving for excellence and stay with an income 100,000 per month or higher.


Top Freelancing/Outsourcing Service Sites

  1. Odesk – is the best freelancing website out there, it was founded on the year 2005. I’ve been a freelancer and an employer as well. Odesk has a fair User Interface Navigation and has light UI elements(fast loading page), and their highlight is support. If ever you need assistance just feel free contact them, and swift response will be offered. They will deduct %10 from the agreed amount between the freelancer and the employer. I strongly recommend Odesk since it gives an opportunity for new freelancers.
  2. Elance – the oldest and yet popular freelancing site, founded on 1999. Most established freelancing groups and agencies have built strong reputation on this website, same as individual freelancers. For newbie freelancers, you might find a hard time finding a job here. Its like the ones gets accepted are all experienced and well established agencies and individuals. Support is fine.
  3. Freelancer.com/.ph – the most popular yet the most unreliable. Why? First very heavy user interface elements which means if you have a slow internet connection you will have a problem loading this site properly. Second, so many membership plans, just focused on charging money well there is free account but the features are limited. They charge %10 for the agreed amount by both parties. Third, support is limited. They tried adding all the FAQs to one place but it is still not enough.

Top Blogging Platforms and sites

  1. Blogger – very easy to setup, and easy to learn blogging tools. Simply the best. In just 1 minute you can create a blog. It is a free hosting, and provides free domain. Google likes this site since they own it which means your blog posts and pages can get easy found by search engines unless you block them on settings. I suggest that you create posts topics that your knowledgeable, and comfortable writing with it.
  2. WordPress.com – free hosting and free domain. Don’t get confused if you find wordpress.org because is another platform used by  professional bloggers. WordPress.com is on the second spot since it requires time for you to familiarize  its functionality and features. Less found by search engines since you need it to be found by Google.
  3. Hubpages.com – easy to create, free domain and hosting. Few functionality, and difficult to integrate to Google products like Adsense.


Before you reached this article, I believe that you have backgrounds already in the different means of earning money. One of the popular and the most accessible tool in earning is through the internet. Internet, just to take note has billions of users around the globe that could be a potential customer or an audience. Now getting to main picture, I understand that you wanted to earn money online but just to give you a heads up it needs perseverance, determination, patience and knowledge. Knowledge because there are a lot of opportunities out there that fits to your needs, time and resources. Just to mentions some you can be a blogger, affiliate marketer, programmer, SEO specialist, online consultant/guru, outsourcing business man and a lot more. Just be careful on what nature/kind of earning opportunities you will join in the internet world, most beginners falls into scams. Scam is a waste of time and investment, as a tip if you wanted to join a money making to tool before you indulge to it make sure to research a bit for example “website_name legit or scam”. Read some results make sure it’s not a paid one then verify and join.

In the end it’d on how you’ll find yourself in the online world. It means look for something that would fit your skills and interests and stick with it. Be a master and share it with other people.

Earning in the Philippines is truly hard but if you have passion for something and your good at it, then try to enhance and make it your stepping stone to success.


Beware of internet scams and false promises. They tend to offer fast and easy money but this are all lies. If money like signups, memberships and the like is involved, then most likely this is a scam!

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