Easiest Free WordPress Themes for Beginners

easy wordpress themes for beginners free to use

WordPress is designed to be an easy to use system but that doesn’t mean it is simple.  Setting up a WordPress site still requires a fair amount of work and planning.  That being said, the process can be made easier for beginners by using beginner-friendly free themes.  These themes are exceptionally easy for those who are just starting to get a grasp on WordPress. 

Part of what makes these themes so easy to use is that the options have been standardized so that they all share similar options and settings.  However, the beautiful, yet simple nature of the themes also helps to make them easy to work with.  Better coding and description on the options panel helps to concrete the ease of use.

Here are some of the top ones that we recommend, and why.

One Page Lite

You can’t get much easier to setup than a WordPress site that is all built on one page.  With One Page Lite, everything from the welcome to the portfolio and services appears on the homepage.  Even the blog appears on the front page.  There are plenty of settings that you can fine tune but the single page layout takes away the need for complex menus and the development of multiple pages.


Want to create a stunning website for your DJ brand, band, or personal music?  The Musical WordPress theme is designed solely to be your home for your entertainment blogging/homepage.  You can fine tune the settings to help craft a wide selection of different music pages.  While you have a free, easy to set up page, the Musical theme is unique for each person who uses it, making it an ideal WordPress theme for many people.

Schema Lite

Schema Lite is the lite version of one of the most popular paid WordPress themes out there.  Because of the popularity of this theme, it demands easy deployment and setup.  It also demands that it be very customizable to create a unique blog/website for each different deployment.  It manages to achieve that perfectly.  The whole idea behind this theme is that it helps to create the schema markup needed to raise your SEO ranking. See our Schema WordPress Theme Review.


There aren’t that many free WordPress themes that have a truly dark color scheme but GridBlog does.  By implementing a black and grey background with yellow headings and white post backgrounds, GridBlog creates a stunning design for any blog.  The GridBlog layout focuses heavily on having posts laid out as a grid and not as a long page as the name would imply.  This makes it easy for people to see a large amount of posts at one time.


Hosting a blog design that is perfect down to the pixel can be great and Diary does just that.  It is meant to be easy to update and focus heavily on the content.  With a simple sidebar that does everything from act as the menu to host your widgets, it leaves all of visitor’s attention on the main content in the center.  A design like this is inherently easy to setup and perfect for beginners, especially those looking to setup a simple blog.


Do you want a theme that stands out?  GreenChilli is a clean blog that uses traditional colors mixed with highlighter-esk detailing to bring life to the page.  One might think by looking at the theme that it is hard to set up but bloggers will find it easy to implement.

Final Thoughts

All of the themes listed here come jam packed with features that help you to get the most out of your website or blog that is hosted by WordPress.  What matters the most though, is that each one features both a responsive design and incredible load times.  For a full feature list, make sure that you check out the specific themes page but you will notice that the many thing that varies between WordPress themes is the actual design, not the wonderful features.

Are you looking to make one of these themes your own?  You simply need to download the associated files and upload them to the themes section on your WordPress page.  By installing one of these free WordPress themes you are making the decision to have an easy to set up yet elegant website that all of your visitors will love.  Spend less time working on setup and more time developing content.

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