Genesis Framework Vs MyThemeShop Schema WordPress Theme

WordPress mostly revolves around two types of frameworks named Genesis and Schema. Maximum WordPress themes are either developed using the Genesis Framework or Schema Framework. Both are good in some aspects like speed, design, etc; hence, which theme you want to use totally depends upon the requirements and your comfort. Let us go through Genesis Vs Schema WordPress Theme comparison to understand which one is better.


With Genesis framework you always need to install two WordPress themes. First is called the Parent theme and the second is called the Child theme. The parent theme is a complete theme and if you are satisfied with its layout and design, there is no need for a child theme. However, the possibility is less because maximum users love to have a child theme installed too. Child theme is purchased and installed when you want to customize the design and add more features and functionalities to your website or blog. Maximum Genesis themes (both parent and child themes) are paid and options for free themes are very less.

With Schema WordPress theme review you need only one theme, which in itself is the parent theme. There is no need for any child theme. Also, for those who want to start with a free theme, Schema themes are the best because you will have plenty of free themes available.

Plugin requirements

Genesis parent themes come with limited features and in order to expand the functionalities you will either need to buy a child theme or use several plugins. This is good for those who want to customize their website with help of plugins but for those who do not want to use many plugins, schema themes are the best themes. These themes come with many built-in options including SEO meta tags integration, social media integration, adsense code integration, custom css, and so on. Also, these themes support plugins, which is helpful when you want to add additional functionalities and customization to your website or blog.


In today’s world, all search engines are giving preference to websites that are responsive. It has also increased the demand for the themes that are responsive, which means they should adjust the layout based on the user’s device, which can a laptop, a desktop PC, a mobile phone, or a tablet. Genesis framework is responsive with maximum themes but not all. On the other hand, all WordPress themes that are developed using the Schema framework are completely responsive.


In terms of the website load speed, both Genesis and Schema have the almost same score. Both themes are designed differently but deliver fast websites with basic layouts. However, with Genesis themes you may need to use more plugins than Schema theme, and use of more plugins may impact the load speed especially when you are on a shared hosting.


Now, for my recommendation I would want you to buy the Schema theme instead of the Genesis because Schema is SEO-friendly in terms of coding, structured mark-ups, customizability ,  beginner-friendliness, and it’s fast-loading versus Genesis who’s very dependent on external plugins and development (you might rely always on your developer). 

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