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Check out these Google penalty checker tools that would help you better understand the statistical performance of your website that might have affected by Google penalties resulting to drop of traffic and worst banned from Google search results. These Google penalty tools are created to give you an idea about the possible Google algorithmic penalties your sites have suffered in the past months or years.

Many SEO’s are very an anxious about their site being penalized by Google search engines. Who wants their site being banned or penalized by Google? none right? Unless if others do if for negative SEO. Google penalties are derived from results of various Google algorithmic behaviors. These algorithmic behaviors are labeled close to what it’s designed for. For example, Panda algo identifies pages that has low quality content then penalized those pages on search results – they called it as Panda penalty. 

Before it’s very hard to identify which of Google’s penalties have affected your site in a negative way. Many SEO’s from the past just guess/analyze which of those Google algo might have incurred negative impact on their site’s performance on search results. Due to this problem, some SEO agencies have addressed this issue and created a checker tool for an attempt to identify why sudden drop of traffic had occurred on a domain or website. This way SEO’s have better understanding on their site’s behavior and might give them better chance of enhancing their website relating from possible site penalty.

Although some SEO agencies created these Google penalty checker tools for marketing strategies. These penalty checker tools are still a great help to modern day SEO’s specially the free ones. People loves free stuff! Meanwhile, not all stuff are created equal so not all free or paid Google penalty tool is effective as it claims.

How to Maximize These Checker Tools?

Since not all of them are created equal what you can do is to try them all. Compare the results  for each tool and see if the trend coincides. Thus these Google penalty checker tools will somewhat help you see what Google penalty had affected your site.

Tool Drawbacks

Some tools just show you the graph of when a the Google penalty was released and then will let you see that that release date had affected your site positively or negatively for a few days or months. I somewhat agree to this method but it’s actually misleading because SEO’s tend to think that his/her website has been penalized because it so happen that there was a Google penalty release few days before. Think of a big picture if Google released today, for example Penguin so you consult a Google checker tool if your site has been affected today or next few days. Google Penguin is known for penalizing sites for spammy or low backlink profiles but on your website you know that you have gained backlinks that are reputable and relevant ones, but still you see that you’ve drop significant traffic. Therefore, it is not safe to conclude that you’re site has been penalized by Penguin just because it was newly released, but in the later time you found out that your site suffered from Panda coz of its “thin” content. As I mentioned above, some checker tools are just there to attract potential customers basing from what they can see on the graphical results. This is purely marketing but not a tool.

Most Common Google Algorithms and Penalties to Watch-out for

If you know these common Google penalties to watch-out for then you don’t have to rely on Google penalty checker tools. Below are some brief description of each algorithms/penalties.

  • Panda – this aglo is used to identify low quality and “thin” content websites then rank them low on Google search results
  • Penguin – the aglo that will lower the pages that has negative backlinks gained from black hat/white hat method 
  • PayDay Loan – penalizes site’s that are highly dependent on spammy queries; Don’t ever think that you might not be affected by this penalty because maybe you’re already practicing spammy queries for your own sites. I will create a blog post about this in the near future
  • Knowledge Graph – this algo complies the history of  websites and its user’s search and click-though behaviors. You cannot rank unless if your site have gained good reputation on Google’s Knowledge Graph. We cannot manipulate the Knowledge graph even if we send signals to it coz again you cannot change history.
  • Pigeon –  this algo will lower pages that Google thinks not deserving to rank locally even if you sent some signals to manipulate/influence your local rankings

Free  Google Penalty Checker Tools

Without further ado, I have listed below some of the free Google penalty tools that might help you understand your website’s performance and behavior on search results.

      1. Semrush

        Visit the SemRush website, enter your domain then click the ‘Organic Research’. Look for data similar to the screenshot below. Usually SemRush offers limited 7 days or 14 days free trail, here with Asknoypi you can use SemRush Pro for 30 days for free
        Free 30 Days Trail to SemRush Pro

    1. Panguin Tool by

      This is a screenshot of one of my clients website.

      google penalty checker tool-barracuda

    2. Website Penalty Indicator by

      google penalty checker tool-2

    3. Google Penguin Checker Tool by

      google penalty checker tool-3

    4. The Google Penalty Checker by Fruition

      You can avail free two websites for site audit for the Fruition’s Google penalty tool. Therefore use the best two of your sites. Other than the two free audits are paid.

Final Words

Even with the absence of these checker tools, a true SEO should not be relying on these but instead he makes sure that he knows possibly all Google algorithm updates. To help you out please refer to Moz’s compilation of search engine updates.

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