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On May 19, 2015
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My Hostgator review is all about the provider's affordable prices, great features and fair support. I would still recommend Hostgator services.

My Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review

I chose Hostgator as my WordPress hosting provider before because Hostgator had positive reviews when it comes to pricing, features, uptime, and customer/technical support. I started using Hostgator since 2013, and I may say that I am still a happy customer to-date.

There are many WordPress hosting providers today, and many hosting reviews were created for the sake of affiliate marketing. So I decided to deviate a little. This is a my first attempt to honestly review as Hostagator as my primary host to my WordPress websites. Now, I’d like to share a brief story of why I chose and stayed as a Hostgator customer.

I am really a fan of WordPress as a content management system (cms). No wonder that I used it for my blogs and websites. Today it is safe to conclude that WordPress is the best alternative for blogger (service) as a CMS provider. 

I know of the fact that needs paid hosting compared to which is a free service. Back then I was to busy finding out which is the best/top WordPress hosting providers so I read many as in many hosting reviews just to confirm and verify which is which. After doing my research I found out that Hostgator was held as one of the top WordPress hosting provider. Then, this was the start of my Hostgator journey.

Hostgator Pricing

WordPress hostgator pricing

Honestly I was tricked before because I was stupid. I thought that I will be paying $3.96 forever in-which will never going to happen unless if I will be paying the three years in bulk. But I should no fail mention that I got a discounted price for first time sign-up. So I payed the $5.56 per month which for me a reasonable price since I am getting unlimited bandwidth. Unlike other WordPress hosting providers I will be paying the same amount of money for a limited bandwidth. The $5.56 per month package is Hostgator’s Hatching Plan. Later on I registered another domain which I also registered with Hostgator. The domain is called I want my domain to share the same hosting with my but Hostgator told me that I need to upgrade to Baby Plan for $7.96 per month.

When Google announced that SSL is a ranking factor I always *considered purchasing a SSL certificate. While checking Hosgator’s offers I have read that they offer free private SSL and IP. So I upgraded my plan to Business Plan for $11.96 per month. 

Asknoypi - Hostgator SSL certificate Business Plan

Today, has SSL certificate installed with a new IP address. According to Google Chrome, Asknoypi ‘s SSL certificate that it is “encrypted with obsolete cryptography”. From Qualys SSL Test, “This server accepts the RC4 cipher, which is weak. Grade capped to B.”, see the image above for reference.

Hostgator Features

Unlimited  Disk Space With 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited Bandwidth With Google Adwords Credit
Limited to Unlimited Domains Allowed With Free/Instant Setup
May Own Toll-Free Number Limited/Unlimited Addon/Parked Domains 
May Have Free Dedicated IP May have Anonymous FTP
May Have Free Private SSL Unlimited Sub Domains
With 24/7/365 Support Unlimited FTP Accounts
With Instant Backups Unlimited POP3 Accounts
With No Contract Web Mail
With 99.9% Uptime Guarantee E-mail Alias
Auto Responders Mailing Lists
Catch Alls Spam Assassin
Mail Forwarding IMAP Support
SMTP Latest cPanel
IP Deny Manager Custom Error Pages

These features are just the overview visit hostgator for more plan comparison.

Hostgator Uptime

Hostgator Uptime Report Statistics

As far as I know my site has been online with no significant time for downtime. From the image above I got these statistics from So I think Hostgator has been serving me with reliable service.

Hostgator Customer/Technical Support

I always contact Hostgator support through chat. I would say that the support is no longer the same when it comes to the chat availability. Before the wait-time for the chat has the average of 3-4 minutes but today you have to wait approximately 30 minutes

For me, there are two kinds of Hostgator  support. These are the system administrators and the customer support. 

  1. System Administrators – handles the tickets for upgrade, add on domains, site restoration, malware and virus site cleaning, and related tasks. 
  2. Customer Support – handles the real-time interactions (chat) for customer requests such as folder creations, redirects, fixing of http status codes, and related tasks.


Overall I would say that Hostgator is still a good hosting provider for my WordPress websites. If you think Hosgator is your choice for your WordPress site hosting you can use these coupon codes: asknoypi25off or asknoypi9dollars94cents.

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My Hostgator review is all about the provider's affordable prices, great features and fair support. I would still recommend Hostgator services.

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