How to Advertise Your Business On Instagram


In order to stay in the business, a digital marketer needs to find a way to keep up with the latest trends. Although at one-point last year it seemed as if Snapchat is going to dethrone Instagram for good, earlier this year, however, Instagram removed any chance of this happening as the social network giant it is. According to several days old statistic, a total number of monthly active Instagram users has reached 700 million, while the number of daily users exceeds 400 million. Therefore, it becomes more than clear that this particular network has an immense potential as a marketing platform. Still, advertising over it is not exactly a walk in the park. Here are few things you need to learn about it.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

First things first, it is more than clear that this method of advertising is not precisely a new concept. In a way, this is what Pinterest has been all about from the beginning (only with a significantly smaller audience). The greatest advantage of the traditional retail is a fact that once you walk into a store you can see, touch and feel the item you intend to buy. Well, at least this first aspect of buyer’s curiosity can be sated in this manner. When it comes to items such as arts and crafts, people want to visualize them in their natural environment, possibly even see them from all sides.

However, in order to properly advertise the item, you need to learn how to snap a killer photo. First of all, the phone camera won’t cut it since your audience needs a photo with much higher resolution and sharpness. Second, there is no such thing as the ‘unscripted’ advertising. You need adequate light, filters and even hours of work in Photoshop. Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to hire a professional photographer to help you out, either. This is especially a valid idea, seeing how their services usually don’t pose a significant expense, while they significantly add to the overall value of your brand.

Set Up the Account

Even though you may already have an Instagram account, when it comes to the marketing efforts of your business, you need to make a separate account. You see, your relationship with your audience is based on a principle of mutual benefit. Personal photos from your vacation or an image of your favorite dish hold no value to your customers, although they do make you more relatable on an individual level. In your bio, you should use the opportunity to link back to your website. From this point on, your Instagram account needs to start living a life of its own. It is vital that you supply fresh content on a daily basis, since this way you can help your customers in developing a habit of checking you out on a regular basis.

As for the technical aspect, your profile image counts as well and it is usually for the best to use something like your company logo or the front of your store. Intentionally or not, your profile picture will become your business’ unofficial logo. Keep in mind that this is the only opportunity you have to establish a direct link to your e-store, so you should use it wisely. There are many other things that are worth paying attention to, which are out of the scope of a digital marketing layman. For those willing to learn more it might be a good idea to contact industry-veterans from a renowned Green SEO Perth based company.

Target Brand Ambassadors

The number of followers on Instagram is an important thing, but sometimes a small dedicated community can greatly outperform a larger one. You see, people who really become attached to your brand might end up spreading the word of it to others. The way they work is similar to that of influencers, the only difference being that they usually operate pro bono, which makes them infinitely more cost-effective (even if they aren’t as efficient).

Nonetheless, in order to build the relationship with your audience the right way around and thus nurture their brand loyalty, you may want to get more interaction with them. We already talked about posting consistently, but you should also find time to respond to as many of their comments as possible. Everyone likes special treatment and showing that you do appreciate their opinion can sometimes turn even the harshest critics into the most devoted brand followers.

Build Up the Hype

Another way to properly advertise your business on Instagram is to find a way to build up anticipation before the launch of a final product. For example, you can create teaser videos or photos and release them on random, days/weeks prior to the actual release. Here, it is also important to find the best time to post on the Instagram. Now, unlike with Facebook or Twitter, the day of the week on which you post doesn’t matter that much (as we said, there is an audience of over 400 million people on a daily basis). Still, the ideal time to post is usually between 7 pm and 9 pm. Just keep in mind that not all of your audience may not be in the same time-zone. This is why you may want to schedule your posts.

Avoid Hard Sell

In the very end, keep in mind that people on your Instagram profile aren’t the same thing as those on your e-store. While the first group is clearly there to see what you have in offer, the latter ones might be there solely to check out if there is anything new going on. In other words, the first crowd represents much more qualified leads. Because of this, you need to avoid hard selling on your Instagram and try to assume a bit subtler engagement tactic. This, however, doesn’t mean that you are bound to have much lower conversion rate.

In Conclusion

It is more than clear that advertising your business on Instagram is not an easy job. From the outside, this may seem as simply posting pictures of your products online and choosing an adequate tag, but there is much more to it than that. Still, with the right preparation, carefully conceived Instagram advertising strategy and a careful execution, you can make this social media marketing effort into a highly efficient one.

Guest Post Article by Chloe Smith

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