Logging Into Your Yahoo Mail With Your Phone

It isn’t hard to forget your password, we all do it at least once.  Some of us more than that, even regularly forget our passwords.  When websites and programs require that our passwords be different from other websites, include special characters, and numbers that makes it even harder to remember your passwords.

When you write down your passwords or put them in an password app that makes it even easier for someone else to get ahold of your password.  Hackers can easily get into programs such as Keychain for Mac if they can get into your computer.

If you are worried about your password now, don’t be too afraid.  Yahoo Mail now offers the ability to log in to your Yahoo account via a code that is sent to your mobile phone.  A new code is sent to your phone every time you want to log in making it extra secure.  A few other companies have started to introduce similar systems such as Blizzard for its famous World of Warcraft game.  Yahoo Mail is one of the first email companies to start such a program with only Google being just ahead of them.  This kind of security is called two-stage or two-factor authentication.

Yahoo Mail’s Two-Step Verification

Are you wondering how to set this feature up?  It is fairly simple, to start go to your Yahoo.com account. There are two ways for you to access the Account Info on Yahoo Mail, first if you are using the Classic Yahoo Mail you can check of the left image below; second, on the New Yahoo Mail you can also go to the Account Info by checking the right image.

Account Info in Yahoo Mail ClassicAccount Info in Yahoo Mail New or Modern











Account Info in Yahoo Mail Two-Step Verification

Inside YM’s Account Info

Yahoo Mail Two-Step Verification Popup

Two Options to Verify Your Identify, thru SMS or Call

Yahoo Mail Two-Step Verification Send Message Phone

I this case I used the SMS, I am not sure if your minutes will be deducted for this.

Yahoo Mail Two-Step Verification Send Message Phone Successfull

Confirmation Message

Yahoo Mail Two-Step Verification Send Message Phone Finished

You can see that the Two-Way Verification is Enabled

Yahoo Mail Two-Step Verification Confirming Email

You will receive a confirmation that the Two-Step Ver is Enabled on Your account

 If some of the images above are not displaying, I have quoted both the confirmation email of activation and deactivation of Two-Step Verification below: 

Activation Confirmation:

Hi Baloydi,

You have successfully activated two-step verification for your Yahoo account.

Every time you sign in from an unrecognized device or computer, you’ll be asked to enter the verification code we send to your mobile number.

With two-step verification, some non-Yahoo apps like Apple mail and Outlook require app passwords. If you use any of these apps, set up app passwords here.

Thanks for taking this additional step to keep your account safe.


Deactivation Confirmation:

Hi Baloydi,

You have deactivated two-step verification feature for your Yahoo account.

Two-step verification is an additional layer of account security activated any time you sign in from an unrecognized device or computer.

Reactivate two-step verification, or learn more about this security feature on our Help Page


Additional Guide if Image Fails to Load

  1. Once you have logged into your Yahoo.com account find the account information section on the top right hand corner of the screen. Click where the section displays your name.
  2. An “Account Security” option should be available on the left bar.
  3. A slider will appear with an option for “On-demand Passwords”, that is where you can find the right section.
  4. Where it asks for your phone number put in your cellphone number.
  5. Yahoo will send you a verification code to your cellphone in the form of a text message.
  6. Input the verification code into the computer and your new passcode system will be set up.

Now every time you want to log in to your Yahoo Mail you will receive a onetime use password for your account in the form of a text message.  This text message will come from Yahoo’s servers so there is no need to worry about a third party knowing your login information.

This not only makes logging into your Yahoo account easier it also makes it more secure.  No more needing to write down or remember your passwords.  If your phone gets lost or stolen the thief or finder of the phone needs to know that you use the Yahoo login service in the first place and they also need to know your username.  Because of that there is little risk that your account will be compromised if your phone is lost or stolen.  Currently though this feature is only available to those who are open-minded and are open for more upgrades for security of their email.

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