AdSense Achievement Cards 1,000,000 Impressions.

My AdSense achievement 1,000,000 Impressions

As a blogger I never thought that I can attain such 1,000,000 impressions achievement. This is really huge milestone for me. As Google Adsense said:

AdSense achievements are a fun way to celebrate important events in your AdSense career, such as reaching a total of 100,000 ad impressions, or serving your 1,000th ad impression on tablet/mobile, etc. Whenever you receive a card it’ll be shown on your Home page for a limited time before it expires automatically.

My Adsense journey was totally a roller coaster ride. There were some zero days – days without any Adsense earnings. I got several days where I got $1+ Adsense earnings. There were few points in time when I just wanted to quit but the thing is I never did! 

Blogging is not my full-time job. I just blog when I have spare time or when something (topic) is trending.

Blog Tip: Be the first to post about a specific trend.

If you’re the first one to post (cover) a certain trend chances are you will get the attention (traffic) and get more social shares. That’s why I always check into the latest trends and identify if these trends can deliver $$. 

Don’t forget that you have competitors

Blogging with SEO in Background

If you blog about a specific topic make sure that it will do you good in long-term. This SEO technique is used to help you rank on a specific keywords.

If I wanted to rank well on a specific keyword or topic I have to make sure that I tell Google that I have the authority over this keyword. So how do I tell Google about this? What I do is I create posts that are somewhat related to each other then do targeted internal linking strategy. In this way I can help Google understand my site when it comes to authority, and most importantly to help my website visitors find the information they need.

With this, some of my posts were ranking so I got traffic (visits) and also gained some earnings from clicks and impressions.

Get Social Shares

Before, I used memes and videos to attract social shares. The more social shares you have the greater Adsense impressions and earnings you’ll achieve. This technique definitely contributed to my Adsense impression milestone.

Final Say

No matter what they say just never give up on what you believe in. I know you’ll meet many challenges along your Adsense journey so be strong and be hopeful. Never stop blogging!

BTW, I used the commend me at the title because I always use this line when playing Dota 2.

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn to share your own insights and experiences about getting your own Adsense milestones. Drop me a line though the comment section below. Have a great day!

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