Mythemeshop Vs Themeforest! Guess Who Wins…

Mythemeshop versus Themeforest

Mythemeshop Vs Themeforest: Who Will Win?

For most people who are looking to create a personal space on the web—be they bloggers, online entrepreneurs, or companies who are keen on establishing a robust online presence—WordPress is the most popular CMS there is.

Owning roughly 60 percent of the market share, WordPress blows competitors like Joomla and Droopal out of the water by being extremely simple to set up and customize. Web design that used to take weeks of coding and customization can now be done in a day or two thanks to WordPress’ powerful dashboard.

Part of this customization includes the multitudes of themes and plugins made by different designers to spruce up your site and make it pretty. These themes are available online often at a marketplace like or through a specific designer team’s website, like

With the sheer number of these themes and plugins to choose from, it can be a little daunting to decide where to find the ones you like and also get the most bang for your buck. For the purposes of this article, let us look at the most common marketplace,, as it compares to the selections and packages from a specific design team, in

If is anything, it’s prolific.

ThemeForest is an online marketplace where different designers showcase and sell their themes and plugins to prospective buyers. With over five thousand themes available—which is quite more than the number of free themes you could get from ‘s theme directory, this outlet has by far the largest collection of themes and plugins anywhere.

Most designers like to put up their work on here because ThemeForest has an Alexa traffic score of 223—a much, much higher rank than its competitors. This means that the designs have more exposure to potential buyers.

You might think that the patronage gained from this exposure would translate to reliable support from the designers, should you ever happen to purchase a theme and find a problem. This isn’t always the case. Although the most popular designers do most likely provide technical support and updates for their themes and plugins, they are not required to do it.

There is a definite chance that you might be left to fix the problems on your own or that new updates won’t come—rendering your theme incompatible with newer versions of WordPress.


With Mythemeshop, it feels like you’re dealing with a partner instead of a shady dealer.

While the Mythemeshop designers are perfectly capable holding their own and even outperforming other designers on other marketplaces, what really stands out with this service provider is their active and personal relationship with their clients. Constant updates and 24/7 support ensures that you get the most out of what you pay for. The same designers will probably also be handling your queries—a much better proposition than being handled by a dedicated, but otherwise totally unaffiliated technical support staff. offers some of the most efficiently designed and cleanly coded themes available on the market, featuring neat internal linking and SEO-friendly designs. This of course translates to very fast loading pages and maximizes readability and search engine crawlability—all very important factors in web design.

Some of the more popular websites like Amazon lose a percentage of their customers for every extra tenth of a second their pages have to load. Naturally, you want to keep your customers from bouncing. Having fast-loading pages is that important.

Reliability and overall cost efficiency trumps everything.

And you’re not even denied the ability to choose from a prolific theme and plugin directory, really. Mythemeshop offers 99 themes and 20 plugins to choose from—more than enough—both quantity and quality-wise, to make the perfect website.

Between Mythemeshop and other online marketplaces like Themeforest, Mythemeshop is a better choice for acquiring WordPress themes.

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