Reasons Why To Switch Back To The Old Yahoo Mail Format

Aside from Yahoo Mail’s history of hacking incidents, there are thousands of people who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the new email format that Yahoo introduced in 2013. Yahoo does encourage you to switch to the two new versions that are full featured or basic. Those who experience problems running the full featured version of Yahoo can credit that problem to your computer being older, or you have a slow internet connection.

yahoo mail classic

 The New Yahoo Mail

The new version of Yahoo mail is cleaner and brighter. The full version of Yahoo mail downloads your messages right in the center of the screen. Folders are located on a small left-sided pane or hidden on mobile devices. However, many users complain that the screen is taken up by too many advertisements and at times you inadvertently click on the advertisements, lose your emails, and become mired in useless, to you, advertisements.

Yahoo claims that the new email app is much faster. According to research, the Android app was completely rewritten to increase speed. This is nice for Android users, but what if you don’t want speed, but ease of reading? The old Yahoo email used a “page” option. This option is now gone probably to make the download “faster.”

 The New Yahoo Mail Drawbacks

The new Yahoo mail does not have tabs. Using tabs made it easy to open many emails at one time. Opening more than one email was a feature that small businesses enjoyed. They felt that being able to open multiple emails at one time was efficient and made the tedious task of opening email much more efficient. Now that feature is gone. Rumors have it, however, that Yahoo just might bring it back due to popular demand.

The new Yahoo email has arranged folders that are somewhat difficult to access without leaving the inbox. Most users want to monitor new emails to the inbox and their folders all at the same time. It was very convenient to file emails as you read them.

The formatting toolbar is gone. Most people used this and loved the formatting toolbar at the top of the compose window. Now they want it back and hopefully in color.

There are many buttons that are gone in the new Yahoo email. Some users who enjoyed doing basic things like saving, checking spelling and formatting a draft find it difficult to save messages. They want the formatting, filtering and send button returned to the email app compose toolbar.

 What We Really Missed

If you are an classic Yahoo Mail user, the convenience of controlling whether the oldest or most recent messages appeared at the top is totally gone. Now email exchanges are grouped into conversations. Yahoo claims that this is how Gmail does it, and it seems to work flawlessly. However, when you are trying to find an old conversation, it is almost impossible. You have to scroll through every past conversation, and you probably miss the email you want. Users don’t like this feature in Gmail, either.

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