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Schema Free Download?

Schema WordPress Theme is undeniable one of the top themes today. Why did I say top? Because Schema theme is beautiful, minimalist, fast-loading, SEO-friendly, responsive, and customizable.

Schema on its early releases, can be downloaded if you use a coupon code that entitles you to pay  only $9 dollars. In addition, you can also purchase a membership fee – which allows you to download all plugins and themes under MyThemeShop directory.

Currently, I am using Schema WordPress theme on my blog – I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I created a Schema WordPress theme review here. I got Schema theme for only $9, and I could say that I was one of the first blogs who first used the theme. Because by the time I received an email from MyThemeShop announcing Schema’s release, I immediately purchased it using my card.

The $9 for me was very expensive because my income is not that much, but there were no moments where I feel any regrets till this very day.

Now the reason why I am wrote this blog post because I can see that some of my fellow bloggers are tying to download the Schema theme for free. They commonly call it as “Nulled Theme”.

I myself used a nulled theme for this blog. The experience was very empowering imagine you got all the premium features of the theme for free. Later on I learned that it’s not worth it. Why? Because nulled themes can increase the chances of your blog being hacked or get spammed. Worst thing can happen, your server will be flooded with malwares. Infecting every single file on your public html directory. Now we don’t want that to happen! Why do nulled theme exist?

Reasons Why Nulled Themes Exist

  1. Used for Backlinks – used by blackhat hackers to gain dofollow backlinks from you blog for free
  2. Host Malwares – gather sensitive information from you and your website visitors. Linked to phishing attacks
  3. To Test Hackers ability – You can never be a hacker unless if you hacked a website like a pro
  4. Redirects for publicity and SEO – your website automatically redirects to another webpage

Actual Problem – Php Code from Hacked Site:

From Google Search, the website will redirect  to another website.
But if you access the website manually it will not redirect.

Reason: There is a canonical code on the hacker’s website that points to the “main website”, and insertion of unwanted files.

.htaccess is okay and index.php is okay

Answer: The file containing this code is responsible for the redirect

I had trouble finding this code. This was hidden under one of my core php files. The php code above is an obfuscated code, and the only code that I understand is base64_decode. base64_decode is used to conceal the real value of a string or character, and usually inserted into nulled themes to hid links from the naked eye – means you’re giving free backlinks.

Scary Thing:

The hacker or malware was able to insert this code under: public_html/wp-admin/setup-config.php

Do you still want download the nulled version? The answer is up to you. But if you really want to acquire the premium paid version then save some money. 🙂 I know it’s hard but it in the end it really make sense. If you’re interested you can have this coupon code(my affiliate link): 50%discount


OR Download free themes below (free download)


Have you ever used a nulled theme? Tell us your story by commenting below. ^^

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