14 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes Free in 2016

Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes in 2016

A collection of beautiful and professional-looking responsive WordPress themes yet free and easy to download. All of the themes presented below share the same features that would rock the freemium world of WordPress themes.

Shared Features

  • Free – The themes are free and packed with premium features
  • Friendly Layout –  With a small amount of time familiarizing the theme’s unique layout, you can easily understand its logic and the design purpose.
  • Option Panel – This feature is one of my most admired feature because webmasters can easily change any settings that are available for the theme, thus it could save to time and cost due to coding or hiring web developers.
  • Responsive – When you say responsive theme, it means that the theme could adapt to whatever device screen it was being rendered and displayed. 
  • SEO Optimized – “SEO optimized” is a broad term. There are many ways for your theme to be search engine optimized. These themes are fast-loading, and the layout is user-friendly, less code errors, show related posts, and many more. Therefore, I can say that these are SE optimized.
  • Custom widget – From the word “custom”, some of the widget are purely designed based from intuition which implies that the widget is coded to meet the common needs of webmasters. Webmasters do not have to download another third party plugin just to supply the basic and needed functionality of a WordPress site.
  • Unlimited background – There is no such thing as “unlimited background” but this time it means that there are many background selections that you can choose from which is completely different from other “free” themes on the web. Those backgrounds could be patterns, colors, and textures.
  • Unlimited Color Schemes – Again there is no such thing as “unlimited Color Schemes” but there are plenty of colors that you can choose from the color scheme that would make you feel that its unlimited.
  • Translation Ready – If you are into geotargeting and want your site to be localized then having a theme that enables you to upload language file is the best for you!
  • HTML5 and CSS3 – These technologies are the new thing. Although could be obsolete as time goes by, but have your site a modern touch.
  • Related Post – This functionality increases user engagement. In SEO, this improves internal linking between related pages in your site which tell search engines that your site is user friendly and may help directly or indirectly with your site rankings.
  • RTL Support – A one click functionality shared by these themes that enables your website to support Right-to-Left Languages.

List of SEO Friendly WordPress Themes Free in 2016 with Short Reviews



Point a free WordPress Theme with premium layout


Point Theme is your minimalist theme with professional look and feel. It is using a box type design making it more clean and not so busy to look at. Even if it’s free compared from other freemium themes, Point has a premium designed layout making your site more reputable to look at. Don’t forget the theme’s optional panel that saves you a lot of time and money from coding or hiring developers. The option panel let’s you tweak any setting that would meet your requirement. From the demo site, you can also see that the Point Themes is compatible with the PRO rating system called WP Reviews


DualShock-Review-Wordpress Themes for blogging and magazine


DualShock Themes is absolutely a free WordPress theme that combines the look and feel of a blogging theme and at the same time magazine layout. The theme uses breadcrumbs functionality – an very SEO friendly feature which improves the crawlablity rate of your website. You shouldn’t have to miss this. If you want to have a uniquely displayed theme, that would surely mark in your audience head then get this theme!


PlayBook-Wordpress Theme Review



PlayBook is best if you have great pictures attached on your blog posts. This theme beautifully displays those featured images on your blog homepage. Very clean and professional looking. I liked the comment boxes, and how the front end developers effectively arrange the nested comments with its right spacing and indention. Don’t forget to check the the “Reply” button so flat! Get this theme now. 🙂


Pinboard-Wordpress Theme-Review



Fan of masonry type of design then Pinboard is right for you! For me I don’t like how the demo website is setup like the color combination and the font choices. This theme has a lot of potential and all you need to do is experiment until you will get your desired output. I like the thumbnails in the related post section. Overall, PinBoard is the theme that you can definitely use on your blog.





Ribbon is a traditional layout on magazine type of design but there is BIG but on it. As long as you know that your audience are not so sensitive when it comes to your site design, then you’ll be good. The Ribbon theme is also somewhat similar to Schema Theme in someways. It also uses breadcrumb, a user friendly navigation for your site and very SEO friendly. I bet this theme will get your blog to the top results!





Portal is similar to PlayBook, but its has three column design under the 1st column of the primary layout. I am not really a fan of this type of theme but it’s worth a try! Who knows you’ll fall in love with it?





Great Theme is a clean and minimalist in design its almost similar to Ribbon but the main menus are situated on the upper right section of the website. I can see that this is also using breadcrumb. I also like the effect when you hover a menu that contains a submenu – very smooth. If you don’t need a fancy and clustered design but blog has great content then Great is perfect for you!


Free-Wordpress Theme-GreenChilli



GreenChilli is a clean theme and uses a blogging style layout. It kinda traditional in looks yet so able with functionality that a WordPress blogging website should have. I liked the author bio because you can indicate your social media links, so you don’t have to download other third party plugin just to supply your need. The homepage layout is so arranged that the elements individually shine. This theme is worth checking out!


SEO Friendly WordPress Themes Review





Diary is a clean and elegant theme that can be best used for a personal website. On the Demo website you can see that there are several social media links that you can provide for your audience. This particular theme is for topic specific uses like updates, diaries, and many more. I also like to font used on the demo website. Overall, this theme has a great potential.


Free-JustBlue-Wordpress Download



JustBlue is one of my personal favorite free theme. It looks very engaging and professional to see. The main menus are near the content making it easy to navigate. I guess it was a supplement from the lack of breadcrumb. On the homepage, you can see that each item contains various elements such as the article title, author, category, date posted, the excerpt, and the thumbnail. One thing missing though is the comment but it’s tolerable. The related posts’ thumbnails are effectively displayed which makes it very tempting to click. The comment replies looks clean and flat. You must check this!





Bloggie has a standard blog structure but clean and easy to navigate. It’s a theme that directly handover your site’s content on any individual post or page. This WordPress theme would increase your site’s readability but don’t forget your unique and quality content.  





Groovy is stunning free WordPress theme. It is a combination between the a blog structure and a magazine layout. The navigation menus have large font size makes it easier to notice. Groovy is crafted with experience and awesomeness. One thing that I disliked though with theme are the comment boxes – no border or speparator, but who knows the authors would release a new version of this theme. Anyways, I would also pick this theme against other generic design. Cheers!





AccentBox is an awesome theme that you shouldn’t miss. A theme that is clean and easy to customize. Again the navigation menus are near to the blog title which introduces more interaction. The theme also uses breadcrumb – very user and search engine friendly. The author box is beautiful and the comment box has a dashed-line separator for better readability. You you expect this theme to be free?


Launcher-Free-Wordpress-Themes-Available for Download



Launcher theme helps you fashionably display your product, event, announcement, and website launching. It also enables you to let your audience subscribe for latest updates by filling up the subscription form.


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