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On October 14, 2014
Last modified:February 26, 2016


I really like the beautiful approach in bringing up all the elements of a site's homepage. Users will surely engage through-out any site. Be socially shareable!

My Review on SociallyViral WordPress Theme


SociallyViral is a premium WordPress Theme that focuses on highlighting pictures and the social sharing aspect of blogging. If your blog aims to be socially shareable to various social media platforms and networks then SociallyViral is best-fit for you. This theme makes sure that your posts and contents will increases its webpages views, social shares and revenue. 

The theme’s homepage comes with big thumbnails and includes other details about your post which  will surely capture your audience attention. Once you capture your visitors attention the theme encourages them to engage by commenting, and browse more posts. The most important part is if your content is worth sharing then the theme’s integrated social media buttons will help your visitors engage more by recommending your posts to their friends and families.


My Favorite Features of This Theme

Beautiful Popular Post


 The Popular Post display is very unique and maybe the first of its design compared to other themes. Instead of the normal layout of a popular post it has a magazine type approach that gives you the best post preview which gives you the thumbnail, post title, posting date and comment. Amazing!

Newsletter/Subscription Form



By now you realized how the developers of this theme has intuitive created a theme that will get out most of user engagement. SociallyViral has a widget that will let your visitor engage more through user subscription in which can be placed on a very obvious part of the site- the sidebar.

Cool Featured Post



One of the key points in having a viral website or content is through the featured post. Featured post is commonly the attention grabber, and usually the first content that the user will engage. Website editors will choose the best post that they wanted their audience to see and place it on the featured spot.

Seamless Integration of MegaMenu and WP Review Pro


The SociallyViral theme can be seamlessly integrated with MegaMenu and WP Review Pro – premium plugins that will increase usability of your website. MegaMenu enables your drop-down menus to become very engaging to watch. Also the WP Review Pro will let you effectively show your reviews on the post thumbnail.

Awesome Post Layout With Flat Designs


I like the flat designs that goes with this theme – it makes your site look modern and trendy. The social media buttons can be both placed below the post title and at the bottom of the post. Also, beside the social media buttons are the content navigation links that can also be found at the upper and lower part of the post layout. With this you can maximize your user engagement!

Promising Related Post


Another very amazing feature that will put your site’s usability and user engagement to the highest level – Related Post. There are many plugins and built-in related post out-there that offers  limited layouts but this theme you can see that it has a highly capable layout  for its related post. In addition, you will notice that some thumbnails have different lengths from the other. I think the developers of this theme wanted to achieve a Pinterest style of displaying the thumbnails. The length of the images depends on the original  images.

Clean Nested Comments 




The comment design is very clean and can shine in nested comments.

More Features

Some of SociallyViral’s theme features is also found here. The SociallyViral’s provider is the same provider found on that link that’s why they have the some of its features.

My Conclusion 

This theme is the product of accumulated experience and request from various website administrators. A theme that can make your site go viral in every way possible. With SociallyViral be viral than ever!

I really like the beautiful approach in bringing up all the elements of a site's homepage. Users will surely engage through-out any site. Be socially shareable!

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