Before we start the discussion, let us do a quick summary. Whenever you open your website, do you take a note that http:// or https:// before the name of your domain? Have you ever wondered what it is and what difference it makes? Let’s know more about it.


HTTP: This means that the connection which the users have to your website is not secure

HTTPS: This means that the connection which the users have to your website is secure

Presence of HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure) on your website indicates that an SSL certificate is attributed to your website. SSL certificate contains 2048 bit key for HTTPS web server. This is a small data file used to encrypt and authenticate connection of the website. The information is transferred can be only seen by the intending parties, i.e., the sending and the receiving computers. The parties who have the proper encryption key can only access the information.



SSL (Secure Socket Layer) also known as TLS (Transport Layer Security) that came into light about a decade ago is a typical technological piece. The work of SSL is that with its help, a secure link is created between a browser and a web server. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a type of security that takes care of the sensitive information such as names of the customers, their phone numbers, and credit card details. SSL is beneficial as the information transferred is encrypted and it can only be accessed by the intended parties. An SSL certificate provides an encryption key and the information can be read only by the parties who have the proper encryption key. SSL certificate is also important as it provides authentication. An online business industry needs a SSL with a proper encryption key as it is necessary for accepting payments. SSL certificates also acts as a shield and protects the users from phishing. The benefits are not provided by websites who do not have a SSL certificate. One of the advantages is also that the connection and the data which is being exchanged remains in private and therefore there is no point of “leaks”. Plus, what remains intact is the veracity of the information exchanged. SSL certified websites use the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured) protocol. For e.g. – If was the URL of your old website, would show up as the URL of your new SSL secured website.  This is a technique that can also be used to find out whether a particular website is using a secured internet protocol or not. There isn’t any problem. You can get cheapest SSL certificate for your website easily from SSL provider. Even authorized SSL reseller or specialist help in obtaining a right SSL Certificate for your online business. Once you install SSL on your server, your website will be secured and customers will ensure that site is safe and trustworthy to make online transactions.


Times are getting tough. The businesses are failing these days and the economy is going down. However, the things are improving now. Companies are trying to find ways by which they can market themselves and they also use search engine optimization by which people get to know their brand. Today, almost every company cares about the ranking of its search engine. Google is being used widely for searches and only companies that make use of SSL certificates, the companies that can maintain their relevance online can stay top on the searches for related topics. This builds an online reputation for companies as a trustworthy source. For a successful business, one needs a company that can help it to obtain a higher rank.

Search engines act as vehicles that help in driving customers with great potential to your website.


Potential customers use your website whenever they need to know anything about a related topic. An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) keeps your website secure and there is also a green padlock icon enabled. If you get EV SSL certificate for your site, then browser will display Company name in the address bar next to the domain URL. If you website is not secure, a ‘Not Secure’ warning will be displayed by most popular browser such as Google Chrome etc. SSL is a must for the websites which collect sensitive information from the customer as it is the responsibility of the website’s owner to protect their online information. In the quest for making web is a safer place, SSL certificates will become a necessity.

Security is going to be the most important factor in judging website standards in the near future.

Brief History: Google in 2014 announced an update in favor of HTTPS sites. In 2015, there was a public announcement by Google that secured HTTPS sites would be preferred over versions that are non-secure. In 2017, Google Chrome also released a version 56 that provides a label ‘non-secure’ to the HTTP sites.

Some of the impacts which SSL/TLS would have on search engine rankings would be:

  1. A report that took a look at the ranking of search engines was published and it reported that there was a strong connection between the HTTPS websites and the Google give ranking boost to secure HTTPS/SSL sites. HTTPS websites are secure and they make the customers believe on your products or the information that you provide.
  2. 40% of the organic search results of Google feature an HTTPS websites. Hence, the ranking of a website using the HTTPS is improved.
  3. A secure and a trustworthy website would attract more customers. This means that a secure website leads to a better ranking which in the long run leads to more and more traffic.
  4. If a data was sent over a connection that is insecure, almost every user would cancel its purchase. People who make online shopping, they require a trust in the website that provides secure connection and hence, they’ll be obligated to click a connection that is secure.
  5. HTTPS sites even have a better speed. For an owner of a business that depends majorly on online sale, an SSL secured website would be a cherry on the cake.

Since the update has come, reliance has been placed on secured websites and it has been seen that obtaining an SSL certificate leads to a moderate push to attain a higher rank. Everyone is concerned about privacy and protection of their data these days, therefore Google’s step is justified. Companies would want a better search engine rank and for this, they would move to HTTPS which in turn would be beneficial to the customers and the companies would be gaining too. Adding a SSL certificate is going to be a compelling factor for sure.                                         

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