Top 5 VPNs for South Africa in 2018

VPN 2018

Whether you want to see content from outside your viewing area or just to protect your privacy, a VPN is a must for these situations.

Top 5 VPNs for South Africa

Some of the things we considered musts when recommending a VPN for South Africans. First, they must have a considerable number of servers across the world to make browsing content across the world possible. We wanted speed and reliability as well as strong encryption with no usage logs. Also, on our wishlist was the ability for a number of simultaneous connections and servers in South Africa for viewing content when abroad.

The VPNs below have high-end features, meet our wish list, and offer you the best quality. Each one has slightly different features.

  • VPNArea –This one is out of Bulgaria. With fast speed, strong encryption, good customer service and a great price. It also allows p2p sharing and be used simultaneously on six devices. It has servers in over 60 countries.
  • NordVPN – This one is out of Panama. has great security features, available on all platforms, allows peer-to-peer, and has servers in over 60 countries. Its double encryptions can slow down speed.
  • Express VPN – With servers in 94 countries, 24/7 live chat support, peer-to-peer support, this one is great. They have the fastest speeds available, and awesome security features. The software is easy to use, and you can install it on three devices simultaneously.
  • IPVanish – They own all of its infrastructures so the company keeps control over who gets your data. They have servers in 60 countries, no activity logs, and fast speed.
  • HideMyAss – They have servers in more than 220 countries including South Africa and an extensive African network. They are great for online gaming, good speeds, and automatic wifi protection. They only allow 2 simultaneous connections.

What is a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network and is a device to send and receive data under the cloak of a secret or private network, where the data is encrypted

Each computer has an address called an IP address. The address, among other things, tells what country you are from and a general sense of your location.

Why Do You Need A VPN in South Africa?

Content that South Africans would like to see is blocked. Why? It has to do with copyrights. Services must pay per country for the content they show.

Also, there are different laws from country-to-country that make some content immoral or illegal and unfit for viewing and thus not shown in another country. For content to be shown in South Africa, it has to pass the local board of censors.

Other South Africans would like to maintain their privacy and a VPN would help them do this. Please visit Virtual Private Network in South Africa for more detailed information.

What does a VPN Do?

A VPN can hide your location and substitute another location using that locations IP address. That way you can see content that was geo-locked for that location only.  For example, you are in South Africa and would like to see content from blocked US, by masking your IP address and using a US servers IP address it could be possible to see US geo-locked content.

A VPN also protects your computer’s IP address and thus, your privacy. Your identity and your computer’s identity are no longer know when you connect to the internet.

Use a VPN when you are on vacation to see content in South Africa back home.


If you are in South Africa (or another censored or monitored location) VPNs are a must for you.  You need to get a VPN, but not just anyone, one that maintains your privacy and has the speeds and locations for the content that you want to watch worldwide.

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