The Universal Cosmic God

Throughout the span of recorded Human history there has been a recurring question; a question that most humans have chosen to either ignore or to answer; either with science or faith. That question may be the most significant and defining query of human existence; the answer to which may hold the key to the very existence, origins and history of life on the planet Earth. This question may be asked collectively, individually, literally, figuratively, scientifically or theologically. It may be spiritually deep, scientifically complex or even logically simple: Are we alone? Across ages and throughout history it is evident that Man has answered this question with a resounding “No”, as evidenced by numerous religions; whether polytheistic (many gods) like Hinduism, or monotheistic (one God); they all seem to have at least one common belief that Man was created by some “higher power”, or omnipotent being that is a Universal God.

These religions have another common concept that the creating entity exists in or originates in the heavens, and was sufficiently interested, even invested in humanity that this omnipotent God would descend upon humanity from time to time, whether to guide, influence, repair or even destroy according to its own will. Is it possible that this universally believed in God can be traced back through the evolution of the various religions of the world to a single, Universal God? One need only know the history of three major such religions to understand how this is possible. For the religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity can thus be traced back to a single Universal Creator, known by each of the three religions by different names. Can the God known by some as Yahweh, others as Allah, and others still as Jehovah be the same Universal Creator?

As humanity’s knowledge of the Universe grew, it seems that man began to not only ponder the question of whether or not God exists, but also whether or not some other form of intelligent life exists in the Universe. Not just an omnipotent entity that created life on Earth, but one that may have originated as a terrestrial life form which has evolved and become sufficiently technologically advanced to travel great distances across the stars to visit Earth from another planet. While ancient religious texts such as the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and others speak of encounters with God, angels and demons; today there are stories and accounts of encounters with extraterrestrial visitors, or aliens. Is there some connection between the ancient tales of heavenly visitors and those of the modern day?

The question of whether there is a connection between the biblical or other accounts of encounters between man and God and the modern accounts of encounters with extraterrestrials is not a new one. In 1968 a book titled Chariots of the Gods was authored by Erich von Daniken which addressed the matter, referring to an account authored by Biblical author Ezekiel in the Old Testament. Ezekiel describes a fantastic encounter, or revelation, involving what would certainly be described as a UFO today. Further back in the Bible, an account referenced by von Daniken describes Moses’ incredible
encounter with God atop the mountain Sinai, inclusive of an incredible display of light, clouds of smoke, noise and even tones of music. Some say that a hole was torn in the very fabric of the heavens them self through which God descended upon Mt Sinai to speak with Moses. Could such a “hole in the heavens” explain the ability of an extraterrestrial to travel vast distances across the universe as hypothesized in the scientific concept of worm holes? Yet again von Daniken uses a biblical account of a fantastic event to address the possibility of prehistoric alien visitors when he references the destruction of the city of Sodom in the Bible’s book of Genesis. A “Godly” resident of that city was visited by beings that resembled humans, yet were not, who instructed Lot to take his family and leave just before the city suffered a devastating attack from the sky above. Again, was this a supernatural event or was it something else?

While the preceding accounts are referenced as ancient encounters that have been interpreted as encounters with a supernatural god, others believe that they may have actually been encounters with representatives of advanced civilizations of extraterrestrial aliens. Today there are reports of modern encounters that some believe are with aliens while others believe they may have been with supernatural entities, whether good or evil. If one could believe that alien life is capable of visiting Earth, is it such a stretch to believe that the visitors may actually be of divine nature? If an omnipotent being did exist outside of the known dimensions of space and time, is it not possible that He or His agents could reveal themselves to humans in such a way as to appear to be aliens, extraterrestrials or UFOs? Imagine a being living in a two dimensional universe. Such as a person would appear as drawn on a piece of paper. That being would not be capable of seeing you, but only what is directly in front of it on that piece of paper. The being could move up or down, or left or right on the paper, or it could rotate around the paper like the hands of a clock, but in only two dimensions, it could never see or sense your existence unless you chose to reveal yourself by placing some evidence in its own two dimensions; for instance if you noticed an obstruction in the being’s heart or lungs, you could merely reach in and remove it without having ever been seen. Now imagine an entity that exists outside of our own known dimensions; would such an entity seem omnipotent to us? Would it be capable of creating life, or accomplishing miracles? Such an entity would seem to be capable of anything, revealing itself only as it sees fit; a god.

The human mind is capable of imagining incredible possibilities. One such possibility is that of alien intervention in life on Earth. It seems that one would need to take something of a leap of faith to believe that an alien civilization from many light years away has somehow engineered a way to travel such a great distance to visit Earth. Given that the closest known potentially habitable planet is 20.3 light years away; and a light year is the distance traveled at a speed of 186000 miles per second in the amount of time it takes for the earth to make a complete revolution around the sun, so about 6 trillion miles; any alien civilization would need to have developed incredible technology to have traveled to Earth. For in order to do so in a reasonable time frame, a traveling alien would need to be capable of accelerating to great speed; speed close to that of light, or many times greater depending on the distance which such an alien traveled. One need not know the actual mathematics and physics of Einstein’s theory of relativity to understand how impossible such a feat would be; only that the mass of an alien ship accelerating to a speed close to that of light would increase to such great proportions that an infinite amount of energy would be required to cause such a ship to accelerate. Thus the leap of faith!

If it is not possible for an extraterrestrial civilization to travel at the speeds necessary for interstellar travel, is it possible that alien visitors have been on Earth in the distant past? We now know that the Universe has been expanding at an incredible rate since the beginning of time, so perhaps an alien civilization was much closer to Earth in the distant past, and the potential visitors had a much lessor distance to travel. Could such visitors have been responsible for planting the very seeds of life on Earth that resulted in human civilization? Consider the biblical account of the “sons of God”, who came to Earth at a time early in humanity’s existence, to mingle with humans and tamper with their genetics. This story is indeed found in the book of Genesis! These fallen angels, these alien beings, are said to have mated with humans to create a race of giants, which were killed off by God as an abomination to his creation! One such “super human” can be traced to the biblical account of the slaying of the giant Goliath by none other than a young King David, who is none other than an ancestor to Jesus Christ himself! Ancient religions abound with such stories of gods and angels mingling with the human gene pool. Where do such stories come from if not some basis in historic events? If extra-terrestrials did indeed visit Earth’s distant past, it would seem likely that they would have had some influence if not a direct and deliberate impact on human genetics and evolution.

While the answers to these questions may not be obvious, and may in fact never be even concluded upon, the questions themselves remain. It would seem that any attempt to draw conclusions would require one to do some deep searching of one’s own beliefs, and one’s own definition of faith.

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