Utah is the Top Searcher of “WordPress” on Google

When many people think of Utah they think of farmland and wilderness.  Utah is well known for its outdoor activities from hiking and skiing to camping, biking, and kayaking.  Also the host to an assortment of National Parks including Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Canyonlands, Utah is a place of wilderness.  But how did this place of wilderness become the top searcher of keyword WordPress in the United States?

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From January 2011 to April 2015 Utah has been the largest search of the keyword “WordPress” on the popular search engine, Google.  The next runner up for the keyword “WordPress” is California, the home of Silicon Valley and the computer industry.

For starters Utah has become a new silicon valley, eclipsing California.  Many people already relate the culture to that of California only a little more conservative.  Utah has been the home of many new start-ups that have been driving more and more business to the 13th largest state in the union.  Because Utah has many business friendly laws it makes it a good place for start-ups and the affordable housing makes it a good place for their employees too.

In 2015 a law that was making it harder for start-ups to provide for their employees in Utah was overturned.  The law prevented insurance companies like Zenefits from offering their services in Utah.  Why?  Because Zenefits didn’t charge anything to the companies once the company had set up their insurance benefits.  With Zenefits being unbarred start-ups can now provide for their team members easier.

Due to the low cost of living in Utah and the friendliness towards business in the state laws a lot of businesses that utilize WordPress have found success.  In fact they have found it so successful that the Consumer Attitude Index (according to Zions Bank Utah) rose from a 7.9 to a score of 114.4.  This is the third time in five months that the score has risen past 110. 

Why is 110 a significant score in the Consumer Attitude Index?  Because it indicates the difference between recovering from the recent economic problems to prosperity.  These businesses are actually starting to make good money.  Not only is the score high for Utah but it is above the United States average score and has been for some time now.

UTAH WordPress Stas

Why is WordPress specifically a highly searched term in Utah though?  It is probably because WordPress currently runs one out of four websites on the internet.  WordPress isn’t just limited to bloggers.  WordPress has been successfully implemented for news websites and even Ecommerce websites around the world.    With the versatility of the platform it isn’t much of a surprise. But WordPress is never just WordPress as you can see on the graph above. The query comes also with WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, WordPress blogs, WordPress website, WordPress login, WordPress free themes.

UTAH WordPress

Utah is also home to a large number of WordPress authors.  Whether they be in the technology industry or any other niche.  The number of WordPress users in Utah is so high that meetup groups have formed for the writers to discuss their WordPress experiences and come to solutions to problems as a group.

Even the local Fox News Networks use WordPress to host their website.  Web design companies in Utah like DRM, Dustin Taylor, and WebPress Utah have started to focus entirely on design WordPress based websites whether they be blogs or full on websites.  It makes it easier on the designer and it makes it extremely easy for the customer to edit the website later on.

As expert Bryce Roberts has said the claim that Utah is becoming the new silicon valley has been made before.  The old word processing software named WordPerfect, the hard drive company Iomega, and the software company Novell all started off in Utah.  All of these companies are either gone or have been bought out by major companies in other parts of the world. 

What worked when these other companies failed?  A blogging platform that is very versatile.  This blogging platform has made it extremely easy for companies and individuals to publicize their work and express themselves.  If it is simple and easy why not use it?  It has helped revive a state that tried to make it big in the computer business.

News agencies such as the New Yorker and INC have dubbed Utah the New Silicon Valley.  Many other news agencies agree but CNBC takes a slightly different approach, they have titled it the Silicon Slopes, giving a new name to a new leader in the electronics industry.  When searching on the career search website called Indeed one can easily find over 40 jobs in Utah that include the keyword WordPress.  Companies are recruiting more and more WordPress developers to go to Utah, fueling the influence Utah has over the keyword WordPress.  Around 100 new startups have arisen in Utah since the beginning of 2015, all of them needing websites.  Most of them turn to the easiest solution, WordPress.

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