What is the Best WordPress Affiliate Program to Join

What Is The Leading WordPress Theme and Plugin Affiliate Program?

Are you looking to make extra money on the internet?  Have you ever heard of an affiliate program?  What about a WordPress affiliate program?  Many people have heard of affiliate programs but don’t really know what they are.  An affiliate program is a program that pays its users to promote the website.  In most cases users are paid on commission based off the amount of sales they bring in.  Affiliate programs are great ways to bring in extra money to help pay your bills or even to pay for your blog or website hosting.

Best WordPress Affiliate Program?

The WordPress affiliate program at MyThemeShop is a great example of one of the best affiliate programs to join that could benefit you and your bank account greatly.  MyThemeShop is a WordPress theme and plugin website.  They offer over 80 themes and 7 plugins and an outstanding WordPress affiliate program.

It’s Not Just the Program but the Products

Mythemeshop themes WordPress Affiliated Products

Why does MyThemeShop make money off of its themes?  They provide very high quality themes with plenty of features.  Every theme is reliably built to be fast and error free but if you do somehow come across an error MyThemeShop has a support team that can help you get your website up and running quicker without the hassle of having to try and find a WordPress expert to help you with you site.

A wide assortment of themes provides users of every kind a selection to choose from.  Every one of the themes is developed by the small team of designers and developers on staff at MyThemeShop so that when you ask for support you are getting support from the same professionals that helped develop your theme.  Not to mention the competitive prices for themes make it more likely a potential customer will choose MyThemeShop.

Theme settings are very advanced on MyThemeShop themes.  They all feature the ability to select any color for the themes using the WordPress color wheel, that makes the themes even more adaptable.  Shortcodes have been built into the themes to allow users of the themes to easily create different types of content with only typing short words.  These shortcodes can be utilized to create things like forms and buttons without having to spend all of the time coding or designing the actual items.  Plus they will be predesigned to match the theme.

How about MTS Reviews?

Plenty of customers have left positive reviews on the themes and plugins on My ThemeShop so that customers visiting the website can see how well MyThemeShop has helped other people.  All of the reviews are real and helpful!

How about  Marketing the Product in Long-term?

Marketing The Themes- WordPress Affiliated Products

Now that we know why a customer might choose MyThemeShop, why should someone who is looking for an affiliate program choose MyThemeShop?  The answer is simple; MyThemeShop makes it very easy to make more money.  The best feature of all is that the when someone makes a purchase using your affiliate account you are given a 70% commission that is quite a high number compared to other sites out there.  MyThemeShop not only offers commission on their themes and plugins but also on their memberships and selling one membership through the affiliate program will get you $244.30. It is easily possible to make a living selling themes, plugins, and memberships.

How Do Earn More from MyThemeshop?

earn money affiliate marketingThere are even more reasons to choose MyThemeShop, the benefits to the customers being one of them.  With so many benefits for people buying themes it is going to be hard for anyone you send to the website to not purchase a theme.  But if for some reason they don’t purchase a theme when you send them there the website embeds a cookie on the browser of the customer with your affiliate username in it so that if they return to the website to make a purchase you still get credit.  This cookie lasts for 60 days.

If you manage to sign other people up for the affiliate program at MyThemeShop you are given 10% commission on their sales for life.  That means that even when you aren’t making sales you are still making money.  They also have a number of tools for affiliates that are designed to help affiliates attract more sales.

So you may be thinking how do people make purchases through my affiliate account?  When you set up an account on MyThemeShop you create a username and are given a link to the website that contains that username.  When people visit MyThemeShop using that link the website knows who sent them there and who to credit if any purchases are made.  This is known as affiliate marketing.  When this link is used is when the cookie is added to the customer’s browser to allow you to get credit for sales.

Why are you Hesitant?

One thing that a lot of people worry about when first start out in affiliate marketing is how are they going to propagate that link.  It can be difficult at first but once you start to realize all of the options you have it becomes a lot easier.  Well these first place you should start is by placing it on your website.  Put it somewhere prominent and come up with a selling speech about the website.  One of the benefits of working with MyThemeShop is that it comes with a variety of banners and other advertising material that can be used for just this purpose.   The banners will do part of the selling for you.

Marketing Your WordPress Theme Affiliated Products

Another way to get people to click on your link is to browse through forums and other websites and look for people who are trying to find advice on what themes to use.  Market your affiliate link to MyThemeShop to people who are already looking for themes.   When doing this though it is advised that you be careful to read the terms and conditions of the forums or website as it is common practice to put anti advertising clauses into them.

Another place to post your affiliate marketing link is in the comments section on articles about WordPress and blogging.  Your main goal is to attract people’s attention to the website.  When people are looking for a theme or talking about a theme that possesses a specific feature find a theme on MyThemeShop and send them that direction.  You never know that person might refer someone else too which will earn you even more money!

How do I get Paid from the Program?

Paypal WordPress Affiliated Products

Your payments can be withdrawn once a month to a PayPal account with no limit.  Another reason that MyThemeShop is one of the best affiliate programs to join out there is that they no limit on how much money you can make, or withdraw.   So whether you make a couple hundred dollars or tens of thousands of dollars you can take it to your PayPal account.  You can make a decent living through affiliate marketing and since MyThemeShop profits on every sale you make they want you to continue to make sales.

All of these different aspects go into making MyThemeShop one of the best affiliate programs to join.  It is hard not to trust the countless user reviews and affiliate reviews on their website.  Just look at some of the reviews from other users of MyThemeShop and you will realize that it is the best affiliate program for you to join.  All of the options and the high quality product make it stand above any other program you can find on the internet.

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Last Updated: August 22, 2015

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