What is a Blackhat Scraper? Meaning | Definition

Blackhat Scraper is an SEO tool that performs web data extraction in order to gather large amounts of data. These extremely large data sets are analyzed computationally to reveal search engine behaviors and ranking algorithms, website backlinks, website analytics, website social signals and many more. Blackhat scrapers also execute automated queries on various search engines to understand algorithm behaviors and to track website keyword rankings on local and international search results.

Automated queries are a clear violation of Google’s guidelines and TOS.

Some Common Uses of Blackhat Scrapers:

  • Website Competitor Analysis
  • Organic Keyword Research
  • Site Keyword Position Tracking
  • Website Rank Monitoring
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Search engine marketing research
  • Domain research
  • Ecommerce Tracking and Analysis
  • Web User In-depth behavior Monitoring and Tracking
  • Monitoring Search Engine Algorithms Updates 

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