What Is An Seo Friendly WordPress Theme

SEO Friendly WordPress Theme is a term that you hear a lot on the internet today, if you aren’t part of the development community you probably wondering what the term means.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Therefore, an SEO WordPress Theme is one that is prepared to work best with search engines such as google.  They have gone through special testing and coding to make sure that it is capable of ranking highly on Google and other search engines.

SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

Some Important Criteria in Choosing the Right WP Theme

Fast Loading

One of the factors of a website that is most crucial is the loading speed.  Website visitors do not want to wait around for a website to finish loading.  Because of that fact, Google adds page load speed as a factor in website ranking.  If your website doesn’t load fast enough, it will be significantly marked down in ratings.

Every second that ticks by when your website is loading can hurt your conversion rate.  An industry standard for testing websites is that a page should load within 3 seconds.  If it doesn’t load in that 3-second window you shouldn’t expect your visitors to sit around waiting for it.  Two seconds is when Google’s crawling tool will start to look for other places to go.  The faster your page loads, the better.

Mobile Responsive Or Mobile Friendly

Everyone today has a smartphone, so much so that many website visitors browse on their smartphones.  If you want users to truly have a good experience when they are visiting your website then you need to have your webpages built to be used on a cellphone.  Many WordPress themes nowadays come with built-in responsiveness.

When people search with Google on their cellphones, Google gives higher priority to those webpages that are optimized for cellphones.  Without cellphone optimization, you still have the ability to end up high in the search results but every other aspect of your website has to be perfect.

Uses Structured Markups Such As Schema.Org And Microformats

Markups such as Schema.Org and Microformats are little pieces of identifiers that you can add to your code to help search engines recognize.  It helps Google and other engines to recognize what different types of data are on different parts of a webpage.  For example, you can help search engines identify products, places, and people that are mentioned on your pages.  This helps Google to be better able to determine what is on your pages and respond accordingly. One of the leading WordPress theme today that has properly implemented the structured mark-up like Schema.org is Schema, see Schema WordPress theme review.

Properly Coded by Following W3C standards

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are programming a website.  Not all of these issues will cause the website to crash, as such it is possible to code a website improperly and still have it work.  Google likes to give credit to people who are going to spend the time to go through and code their website properly.  If Google detects that your website is properly coded it will receive a higher score when being reviewed.

You may be wondering who sets the standards for coding, W3C is an international community that sets standards for all web coding.  They also run a forum for people to learn the proper way of coding and maintain certification programs in a variety of different coding languages.

Website Usability

People need to be able to use your website, and easily, otherwise what purpose does it serve?  Website usability is probably the number one thing that a real, live person is looking for when they come to your webpage.  If they have trouble navigating or using your website in any way they will more than likely move on to a competitor.  Google takes in to account whether or not your website is user-friendly.  It does this using both real people and specially designed algorithms that test the site.  If your website tests low on usability, chances are you won’t end up high on Google’s search results.

Now that you know a little more about what an SEO friendly WordPress theme is you know what people are talking about when they mention the term.  You are also much better informed on what you need to look for when purchasing or downloading a WordPress theme.  You should never spend your money on a theme that is not optimized for Google as it is an easy task to do and most coders do it as part of their natural coding process.  Good luck finding the WordPress theme that is perfect for your website.


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