Why Does Yahoo Mail Keep Requesting/Asking Users to Change Passwords

Yahoo is a major provider in news and email.  As such, they have a huge amount of loyal users, even with major competitors like Gmail being around.  As a user though, you might be frustrated by the constant prompts from Yahoo Mail to change your password.  Remembering your password that often can be extremely frustrating and difficult.

Why does Yahoo require you to change the password as often as they do?

In 2013, old Yahoo was a victim of one of the biggest (at the time) cyber breaches to ever be carried off.  All of Yahoo’s email accounts were compromised.  The data accessed includes passwords, birthdays, phone numbers, and more.  Many people had their information stolen and some of them weren’t even aware. 

2013 wasn’t the only time that Yahoo was hacked.  Hackers have gone after Yahoo multiple times since and as such, every time Yahoo wants users to change their passwords.

Do you want to know for sure if your information was breached? 

Now if you want to continue to use your Yahoo Mail account but don’t want to remember your password since it always changes, you still have an option.  You can download a password manager.  These programs work by taking the passwords you put in and recording them.  When it comes time to login, the program inputs the password for you.

This is a good option for those who like their Yahoo email address and don’t want to change.However, that being said, password managers have been hacked in the past. 

Your other option is to move to another email provider, like Gmail, see my post about Yahoo Mail vs Gmail.  Gmail, has a variety of security procedures and does not require that you change your password regularly.  Just because you switch your email address, you don’t have to give up the other features of old Yahoo mail classic .  You can still use Yahoo News and other features, your personal information is just more secure by using a different mail program.  Plus it is easier for you not having to change your password all the time.

Closing your email account isn’t advised by some experts.  Instead, they recommend that you change your password, delete personal information, and leave the account open.  This is because once your email account is closed, after a certain amount of time, the username you used for Yahoo can be reused by someone else.  That means hackers can create a new account that appears to be coming from you because it uses the same email address.

Yahoo Mail is one of the biggest email websites but it isn’t going above and beyond to make its features easier for users.  Requiring users to change their passwords regularly is not how to make it safer for users.  Your users are why you are hosting a mail account and you should be working with them to make their accounts easier.

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