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WordPress Vs SEO Hacker

Dofollow links are crucial factors to rank well on search results according to Google, but it should be a high quality link from a quality source. Many scam SEO agencies and providers offers links packages for SEO. In many cases they are the ones who hire SEO hackers or buy software bots to find vulnerable WordPress sites and place their client links on webpages. Comment forms are also common target for spammers and hackers, because before most comment links are dofollow.


SEO hackers also uses nulled themes and plugin to attract potential bloggers. I believe most WP comment links today are nofollow, but some hackers and spam bots still do comment spamming to drive traffic to their site. 

WordPress Vs. Black Hat Hackers

SEO hackers falls under black hat category but black hat this is more  on “taking your site down”. Seeking every possibility of security holes on your website and looking for opportunities to strike. One of the reasons why hackers do this, to prove that they can really hack. There are many ways for hackers to intrude on your website targeting every site vulnerabilities such as SQL injections, Cross Site Scripting, Clickjacking, DNS Cache Poisoning, Remote Code Execution, Dos attack, Dictionary attack, Brute force attack, and many more.

What you can Do

As a WordPress blogger and a website administrator you have key to prevent any kind of attacks that your website may encounter along its existence. This key might be the security plugins that WordPress has, created by various WordPress developers specializing on security and site optimizations. 

WordPress Security Plugins

The necessity of having security plugins is a priority and that every webmasters should consider; in fact the most important tool to avoid disastrous outcomes from hacks. 

iThemes Security

For me the best security plugin there is on the WordPress directory today is iThemes Security. I have tried using other security plugins but this is the only plugin that has great user interface and really works! Also this plugin does not eat up ur server memory unlike other plugins. So try it now. 🙂

Security Plugin for WordPress iThemes


Last Updated: August 22, 2015

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