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WordPress has become the most widely used content management systems on the internet.  As such many people have come out with some wonderful themes.  Having your theme be search engine optimization friendly is critical.  That helps to ensure your page can be found easily on search engines but also that people actually use your website.  One of the most important SEO aspects is pagespeed.

fast loading wordpress theme

On the practical side, no one likes a website that loads slowly.  The last thing someone wants to do is sit there and wait for a page to load after they have clicked the link from Google or started their travel to the site.  Unless the site is the absolute only one of its kind 99% or more of your traffic will go somewhere else or just give up.

Knowing that page speed is so important to the human aspect of a WordPress theme what should you do?  First, you should ensure that your page load time is 3 seconds or less.  After 3 seconds the majority of visitors will turn away.  For every additional second that your web page takes to load more people will go elsewhere.  Second, you should look at the theme designer’s web page and ensure that it has been optimized for performance.  There are a lot of tricks developers can use to get the most speed out of a page.

When it comes to the computer side of fast page load times there are several reasons why you want a fast speed.  If your page takes a long time to load the chances that the loading will time out and your web page will not display for a user increase.  The longer your page takes to load the more likely a browser is to say that it has timed out.

Fast loading is crucial when you are talking about page ranking and your search engine results.  Google and other search engines have added average loading speed as a ranking factor when looking at a website.  For Google, the ideal page load time is less than 2 seconds.  If for some reason it isn’t possible to get your speeds that lower than they need to be under 4 seconds to get a good ranking.

At this point, you are probably wondering what you can do to increase fast loading.  There are several steps that you can take to decrease the time it takes to load your pages.

The first step you can take is to try a different theme, one that you know is optimized for speed. If the other theme has fast load times there is something wrong with your first theme.  Should the load time be the same there is either a problem with your website’s content or a problem with your web host.

When the load time is due to the theme you have two options. You can contact a WordPress theme expert and ask them to look at your theme to see if they can optimize it for you.  This can be costly though and should only be the option you choose if you really like the theme that you are using.  The other option is the easiest, and most affordable, Switch to a different theme.

List of WordPress Themes SEO-friendly Fast and Loading


Schema is a versatile WordPress theme developed by MyThemeShop it is designed to be SEO-friendly while still having all of the features that you look for.  The default design for the page is simple but capable of displaying all of the information your viewers are looking for.Rich snippets help to give search engines all of the information they need to rank your website quickly. 

To help make setup of Schema easier, MyThemeShop has setup a customized options menu that is easy.  It also supports Schema short codes and widgets.

Of course Schema is fully responsive so that no matter what device your visitors are using, they will view the pixel-perfect design of the theme.


Ad-Sense is a fluid theme for WordPress that is designed around making advertisements on webpages more affective.  It is heralded as the most ad friendly theme that can be found.  There are 10 sub-themes for Ad-Sense starting with a default theme and then branching out to categories such as recipes, travel, and news.  It also has the MyThemeShop custom options menu.

One of the nice features that comes with this theme is ad-blocking content locking.  That means if someone comes onto your page with ad-blocking enabled, they won’t be able to see your webpage until they turn off their ad-blocker.


Blogging utilizes the latest in online coding including HTML5 and CSS3 to create a theme that is perfect for those that like to write blogs.  This elegant theme has plenty of options that include a built-in rating system and beautiful layout that includes a carousel.  It aims to follow the idea that content is more important to the viewer which Google is starting to take into account when rating websites.

Despite being content centric, Blogging has full ad-sense support so that it is ready for you to make all of the advertising money that you want to.  The design comes with schema support, fast loading times, and other SEO features to make your site just as highly ranked as the advertising appearing on the page.


A clean and professional appearance will greet you when you land on a page the runs SteadyIncome.  The top of the page has an easy menu and the rest is meant to be easy for everyone from a blogger to marketers and businesses.  Social media sharing plays a major role in the theme with quick and easy to find buttons. 

The theme’s webpage claims that you can build subscribers faster due to the built-in features for subscription that include prominent placement of the subscription button and an easy to use subscription process.  If you want even more subscription power, it is built to be compatible with WP Subscribe Pro.


Like the name implies, clean is another minimalistic design.  Clean is similar to Blogging in the fact that it was designed specifically for bloggers.  Despite being clean, all of the posts are displayed in a manner that catches the attention of users.  It has three different clean layouts for the home that fit the needs of just about anyone.  Compatibility has been built-in for all major WordPress plugins.

All parts of the design are made to be SEO-friendly while also discretely promoting advertisements through Google Ad-Sense.  The ads do not interfere with the clean design, allowing you to maintain a content first website.


BloggingBox gets its name from the giant black box that sits at the top of the page and contains a carousel of posts along with their categories.  It is very attractive and gives users a way to locate some of the most popular articles on your site.  Despite having a variety of custom options BloggingBox maintains its fast loading, responsive design.  No matter what device you are on, the unique box design will appear beautiful.

Your blog posts can be laid out in three different designs that allow you to truly showcase your work.  From a table of works to a row of posts, or if you want it, a smaller table of posts that you have authored.

The theme comes ready for translation so that you can use My WP Translate to have multiple different languages available for your site.


While some may consider Feminine a very feminine design but in all reality, it is just a well-designed theme with a bit of flair to it.  One of the wonderful features of the theme is the Instagram integration that has its own display section.  Feminine maintains its girly influence but nice design no matter what device you are viewing it on but it loads fast every time.

The design of Feminine is a unique design that will work for a variety of purposes and help your website to standout.  Every implementation of Feminine will look at least slightly different as it is based on the content that you create.


Any kind of writer from blogger to fiction writer will find Writer the perfect theme for them.  A black and white color scheme makes the design easy on the eyes and professional at the same time.  Writer comes in three different layouts: default, blog, and shop.  The app is mobile responsive and has a menu that is hidden off the screen to give the content the focus when screen space is limited. 

Do you sell your services or material from your website?  Writer is WooCommerce compatible despite being designed for writers.  Selling your writing is a lot easier when your WordPress site is focused on your content like this page is.


socialMe is a WordPress theme that is designed to be social in nature.  You will notice that the layout isn’t like other themes that you may have seen.  Right off the bat it presents you with social media profiles or buttons depending on your layout.  It is also the first theme that we have talked about so far today that has a dating layout.

If you are looking for a feature packed theme with support for just about every feature you could want AND have speed optimization, this is a great option.


HowTo is a theme that is designed to make content heavy blogs easy to navigate and read.  The appearance is easy on the eyes and user friendly.  The sliders come in two different options that are both stunning and attract the attention of your users.  Even with the most content heavy blogs HowTo loads with stunning speed.  You can setup HowTo in a variety of ways that allow you to custom tailor the blog site that you want.

On the MyThemeShop webpage they claim that you will have better bounce rates due to the fast loading nature of the page but also because of the focus on reducing bounce rates.


WordX is a sleek design that is bound to help make your webpage standout, especially if you are hosting a blog.  If you have a lot of content with rich high definition images, you want the WordX theme.  It displays banner images with all of the posts along with having a carousel banner that displays images from your posts such as your top content.  One of the features that users will appreciate is the easy readability of the design that makes it perfect for heavy content sites.

The same bounce rate reducing coding that is used on HowTo is worked in to WordX to get your page to your visitors faster and get them hooked.


Newspaper lives up to its name by establishing a newspaper like theme on your WordPress blog.  Posts are displayed in a simple manner that is easy to read through like a paper.  It also has the same black and white design of most papers.  Just because it appears simple doesn’t mean it lacks power.  The theme comes with plugin compatibility for all of your favorite plugins and comes with SEO-friendly coding.  That includes fast load times.

Attracting users to your content rich sites is easier with a theme like Newspaper as it is designed to grab the attention of the visitor and direct it towards your content.  The simple design is also familiar to many users which makes navigating it and finding what they are looking for easier.


If the problem is with your website’s content, you can take several steps:

  • Optimize your images. This can be done with an image optimizing plugin for WordPress that processes the images when you upload them.  Ensuring that they are the size you are going to use in the article before you upload them also helps.
  • Remove on-page plugins that load when your page loads. Less content loading means fewer load times.
  • Remove any scripting or coding that you may have added to allow special features. You can always reenable it or add it again later if this isn’t the cause.
  • Reduce the amount of content on your pages that are taking a while to load. Again, less content and smaller content means better load times.

If the problem is your web host you will have to contact their customer service. Often times this can be done by a contact form and you can mark the issue as extremely serious.  You can also try Googling your web host and slow load times to see if anyone else has had issues with load times.

Ensuring that your WordPress site loads fast is extremely important.  Without fast load times, you might be losing out on visitors.  Follow the steps mentioned above to troubleshoot slow load times.  If you have had a problem with slow load times you may need to give Google a little while to rerank your website before anything changes with your Google results.

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