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Having a local business WordPress theme has become key in today’s technologically savvy society. The number one reason for this is that local businesses are expected to have a certain appearance, customers want them to appear small business like and they don’t want the over the top frills of a large business’s website. Having a starter theme though will appear as if the business doesn’t care about its customers. So the perfect solution is to have a local business WordPress theme.

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Having a professionally designed WordPress theme for local business can provide you with many other benefits. Number one among the other benefits is that you will have a very professional looking website. An official looking website builds trust in a business, someone who sees a nicely made website will be more likely to shop there than at other locations.

Just like a local business a WordPress theme designed for the local, small business, it handcrafted. That means the professional spent hours and days over the keyboard coding out the WordPress theme to insure that it has everything that you are looking for. Because the only themes you should use come from professionals, the code is clean. There is no extra files, or excess code to be messed with.

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What Make Makes A Great Local Business WordPress Theme?

More people use tablets and phones to browse the internet today than they do computers. This is because phones are becoming increasingly more affordable and they go everywhere with us. With this in mind, a WordPress theme for local business should be responsive so that it works on any device that you view it on no matter the brand or style of device. The theme should transfer smoothly from a computer to a smartphone while still maintaining the brand image of the original site.

Viewers of websites expect them to be fast. Visitors to a local business website will be far more likely to stay on your website if it takes more than four seconds to load. A badly crafted WordPress theme can take much longer than four seconds to load. The faster your load time the more likely someone is to stay on your small business’s website.

If you are a local business that does any kind of art or design or even creates anything you will probably want to showcase it on your WordPress website. A good WordPress theme will include a portfolio to help your business show off your work to potential customers. Those who take pride in their work and show it off are more likely to get business.

While showing off past work is great it only shows that you have produced that work, not who it was made for or your big clients. Having a client section can help local businesses get more work or sales because it shows off big names that they have worked for before. It shows that if a big name trusts your business why shouldn’t a regular person too. Having testimonials from past clients can also help to increase people’s trust of your business.

You want options. Most themes aren’t custom designed for one website and other people are going to use the same theme. You don’t want your website to look exactly like others. A good theme for local, or any business, has options. It allows you to change the colors, turn features on and off, and move things around. This helps you make your website stand out so that people notice you from the competition.

Today, most everything is about social media. Twitter is one of the best ways to share your website or blog is with Tweets. A good theme integrates with Twitter and allows you to share all of your posts or new pages to Twitter and/or display your latest tweets on your website.

WordPress is a great platform for local people who own businesses because it is free and versatile. To make the most out of a WordPress website though you need to stand out. That is why WordPress themes are in such demand. You want to stand out above the competition and look good while doing it. This is key to making business.

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