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WP Customer Reviews Version 3

WP Customer Reviews WordPress Plugin will be rolled out soon. The developers and beta testers are still working/testing on Version 3’s features. WP Customer Review’s fans has been longing for this update. In fact, there are many questions and suggestions has been made on their support section.

Luckily, I was one of the fortunate people who has been accepted as a beta tester of WP Customer Reviews V3.

WP Customer Reviews Demo

On this post, I’ll try to show you the demo version of the plugin. You can try to submit a review to check some of its updated functionality.


WP Customer Reviews Version 3

This shortcode may be subject to change without notice since this post was created before the final version 3 release.

Auto Approve Feature

I haven’t tested this yet if it has auto approve feature. As far as I know you have to manually approve each review.

WP Customer Reviews Version 3_1




Email Notification

For recent reviews, you’ll receive and email notification on the default or admin email on your WordPress account.

Custom post types

I think you can use the shortcode instead or you can this line on your codes:

WP Customer Reviews Version 3_ 

My Review

WP Customer Reviews Plugin Version 3 is a powerful customer review system in WordPress. I was using this plugin even before version 2.4.8, and there is one thing I can say – it is highly SEO friendly. Google understands its markup and even displays rich snippets on the search results. Version 3 is the best customer review plugin in WordPress today.

Google Mark-up Testing

WP Customer Reviews Version 3 Aggregrate Rating







Aggregate Rating

Before, WP Customer Reviews has no built-in aggregate rating feature. So you have to mannually code it on Php to access the database, and get the data reviews such as the total number of reviews and calculation of the average. In version three, they already added the feature and it works perfect!

WP Customer Reviews Version 3 Aggregrate Rating2

This is just a preview image….see the real review below







Premium – Pro Version Of The Plugin

The WP Customer Reviews pro version features will be announced soon after the beta testing is completed.

How to Revert / Downgrade to 2.xxxx? 

Visit this link about how you can downgrade.


Last Updated: October 03, 2015

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