Yahoo Mail Compromised with Hacking Problem

Yahoo account holders have been under attack by hackers for some months and  it seems that there is no end to it. Yahoo have been working hard at stopping the  rot without total success.

The Next Web is quoted as saying, ‘It’s unclear how long these attacks have  been going on for, though we did first report Yahoo Mail users were seeing their accounts compromised back in early January. We’re now in March (2013),
and it appears that Yahoo still has a big problem on its hands.’

Reports suggest that even through 2014 hacking of Yahoo mail was ongoing.  Yahoo’s own site recommends changing passwords to block incursions, which  in its self suggests that Yahoo is not confident about the work that they have
done to solve this problem.

I guess the problem is one of confidence, and maybe that is the point. If a  system of communication, without which we find it hard to do business individually or commercially, is compromised then the first thing that goes down the tubes is user confidence. Commerce, industry, and global security and that of individuals are predicated on confidence. From the point of view of an anarchist that is cool. With both individuals and Nation States hacking as an act of cold warfare this is a serious problem internationally. However, there are serious ramifications, personal and commercially sensitive security being jeopardized creates a level of insecurity that is serious and does affect the safety of users of the system. Putting peoples safety and security at risk is no longer a cookie thing to do, because ‘I can’ it becomes a major felonious event, and act of warfare, one into which the authorities in the West are taking an increasing interest.

However, let us rest assured that in the main Yahoo Mail, and all other major operators are very aware, and are taking steps to deal with attendant threats, and users of Yahoo mail are safe to use the system. It has to be said, that people must take care of the material that they keep on the net, and the material that they access on the net, because allowing hackers access in this way will put your accounts at risk. Further, sensible precautions i.e. not keeping the same passwords long term, changing the passwords away from the usual family names etc., will keep the hackers guessing.


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