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Two of the major email providers are Yahoo Mail and Gmail.  Each service offers its own benefits.  When you are setting up your first email account or deciding where to host a new account, you need all of the facts.  In this article, you can find a comparison of the two email services.  Each one has its own benefits but for years Gmail has been winning popularity contests.

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Design/User Interface

The design interface for Yahoo Mail can be described as simple and plain.  Without an ad blocking extension on your browser, you are left with obtrusive ads on the side of your screen.  Even with themes enabled there is an early internet days appearance to Yahoo that techies may not like but that appeals to a portion of the population.

Gmail on the other hand, has gone through a lot of design changes in order to become fluid and easy to use.  The various themes with Gmail allow you to get your own preference from white, to light, to dark.  While the themes may change the coloring, Gmail holds an easy to navigate theme and can even sort your email into different categories so that it simple to find.

Page Speed

When it comes to page speed itself, Yahoo wins by only a hair.  However, once Gmail is up, it is super-fast.  You can navigate between sections without any load times.  Sending large attachments is also faster with Gmail as you can attach them via your Google Drive.


As far as security goes, Gmail has a better reputation.  In a 2016 attempt to hack accounts, only about half of the amount of Gmail accounts were able to be compromised.  However, all internet services have vulnerabilities just like Yahoo Mail hacking incidents.  Using security features like safe passwords and two step authenticationwill make any account more secure.


Gmail has discreet ads that appear to be sponsored emails or banners, depending on what page you are viewing.  These ads are barely noticeable to most people and it is almost as if there aren’t ads on the page at all.

While Yahoo claims that it has reduced the number of ads that it displays, there are both large image ads on the right side and a banner ad at the top of your email.  With ad block installed on Chrome or Firefox, you won’t notice them.  Otherwise, they are annoying.


In many people’s eyes Gmail is the more professional option of the two.  It has the ability for you to set up professional looking themes but it goes beyond that.  You can host your business email accounts through Google’s business features.  This allows employees to access the clean, easy high-poweredemail system.

Additionally, there are a variety of addons that you can use with Gmail.  Services like Wisestamp allow you to have beautiful and professional email signatures. 


Yahoo is pretty basic when it comes to features.  Gmail is the company that holds the standard when it comes to features.  It offers the ability to attach huge attachments.  It also allows you to add plugins/addons to enable more features.  Your email experience is pretty limitless when using Gmail.  Here is a larger list of Gmail features:

  • Filters
  • Sleek Interface
  • Google Services (Drive, Trips, Calendar, Etc)
  • Two Step Verification
  • Huge Attachments
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Priority Inbox
  • Chat (Voice, Text, Video)
  • Money Transfer
  • Advanced Search
  • Offline Inbox
  • SMS
  • Prompts For Forgotten Attachments
  • Spam and Unsubscribe
  • Business Version

Yahoo Features are viewable here:

  • Simple Navigation
  • Instant Messenger
  • Yahoo Services (Answers, Search, Etc)
  • Yahoo Customer Service
  • Old Style Design
  • 1 TB of Email Storage
  • 100 Filters
  • Spam Filtering
  • Ad Free Version
  • Business Version

When it comes to Yahoo Mail Vs. Gmail the answer is clear, Gmail is the email provider that you want to use.  More features, cleaner design, and security are all features that you want.  Setting up a Gmail account is easy and it gives you access to all of Google’s other services that you might want to use.  Business accounts take a little more to setup and aren’t free but they are very affordable compared to other business solutions.

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