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Asknoypi is a technology blog that focuses on Reviews, WordPress themes, plugins SEO and random technology topics. I personally maintain this website, so I assure you that your website promotion is on the right website. I’ve been in the SEO industry for 8 years and I know how things done.

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What to Write?

Article Requirement

  • Should be a “how to” article from basic to advance topics
  • The topic should be very specific
  • Reliable and have sources if possible
  • Unique
  • No Keyword Abuse
  • No copying/plagiarizing from Latest News
  • minimum of 1000+ Words
  • No exact topic/title that has the same content with other websites

Author Requirements

  • Should Have a Google+ Account*
  • Want to educate
  • Author should be visible as a writer for a specific field
  • !Important on your document should include the authors picture, short bio desc, social media links and website to help save time

Why Write For Us?

  • The Author will be credited on his/her article linking to his/her Google+ Account
  • Author will boost his/her profile
  • Asknoypi has achieved unique visitors both locally and internationally
  • Great possibility that your article will be placed on top of Google Search Results
  • You will have a picture of you with your bio details at the bottom of the post
  • Social Media and your site will be added
  • Boost your presence online specially if you are promoting  businesses or website
  • Have content targeted for your website

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Last Updated: April 5, 2017