What/Who is NELK

Who Or What Is NELK?

NELK is a channel on YouTube that is one of the last remaining prank channels to be dedicated to making true pranks.  Their prank videos range from tame to wild.  No matter what though, all of their videos have far more likes than they do dislikes.  The channel is among one of the most popular prank channels that still uploads content to YouTube.

As of writing this article, NELK has 1,560,758 subscribers.  Most of their videos get between 690,000 and 1.5 million views.  Despite the high number of views and followers, NELK still struggles to profit on YT because of YT’s advertiser guidelines. NELK was able to survive due to their fans overwhelming support through donations and merch purchases.

Not all of the videos uploaded by NELK are prank videos, some of them are mock tutorial videos that are very catchy.  Think of one of their most popular videos 7 Ways To Compliment Boobs.  It is a mix of a mock tutorial and a prank video.  They are trying to entertain their audience while providing comical relief.

Want to see their channel for yourself?  Take a look at it here:

NELK Members

Who exactly is in NELK?  There are several main people that you will see in NELK as part of the crew.  There are also the people who get pranked.  There are four NELK members that tend to be considered among the most important.  Let’s take a look.

Kyle Forgeard

Kyle was one of the founding members of NELK.  He is 23 years old and comes from Mississauga, Canada.  In addition to his time on NELK, he has two credits on IMDb for appearing in films.

Niko and Marko Martinovic

These twins made up the other third of the starting members of NELK.  Despite having a prominent role in the NELK videos both twins have managed to keep a lot of their personal information out of the news.

Lucas Gasparini

Lucas joined NELK in 2010 and quickly became a regular part of the channel.  He is 22 years old, born in Greater Sudbury, Canada. 

Jesse Sebastiani

Born in June 1993, Jesse Sebastiani is part of the NELK crew and appears in multiple videos.  He is originally from Orangeville, Canada.  He has one credit on IMDb that is not part of the NELK channel.


Alex is a production expert from Toronto.  He is the main power behind the production and filming of the video.  He doesn’t appear in many of the videos but he is popular when he does.

Jason Pagaduan

Jason is a proud camera operator and director of photography for NELK from Mississauga, Ontario.

What Does Full Send Mean?

Full Send is a term that was coined by NELK.  It means that something film worthy is coming up or that you are ready for something cool to happen.  It can also mean that you are completely committed to doing something really cool.  The term is often followed by “is the camera rolling?”

This is going to be Full Send baby!  Is the camera rolling?

While NELK uses the term Full Send in their videos the term has taken off.  In fact, Urban Dictionary has multiple entries from it.  Only some of them crediting NELK.

Why Does NELK Have So Many Subscribers?

NELK has gathered a lot of popularity over the years that they have been making videos because their content is very entertaining.  While a lot of the videos they make are edgy, that it also why a lot of people like it so much.  A lot of the things that the members of NELK do are things that the average person would never do.

What makes NELK even more likable is the fact that most of their pranks aren’t mean.  They are intended to make people laugh.  Laughter is often considered to be the best medicine because it is contagious and has documented benefits for both the mind and body.

You also have to imagine that a YouTube channel that posts a regular amount of 2 videos of week will catch the attention of fans. Every week you get used to seeing the members of NELK and the subscribers become attached. 

NELK has a tendency to get arrested that we will address in the next section.  Being arrested tends to add to the public’s fascination of the channel as people find it brave that the crew continues to do what they want to do, despite the possible risks.  Additionally, a lot of people find it exciting.

There is yet another reason that many people have flocked to the channel.  Many different news and pop culture publications have picked up stories about NELK.  From Mashable to Playboy, they have made their way around the internet.

Why Has NELK Been Arrested So Many Times?

Throughout their career as YouTube stars, NELK has been arrested numerous times.  During their filming, they sometimes have to push the letter of the law to more embrace the spirit of the law.  Because of this they have ended up arrested multiple times.  For the most parts, the arrests have been inconveniences and not led to formal charges being filed.  This is because the police are trying to deter some of the actions that NELK has taken.

At some points the police have tried to forbid NELK from filming pranks in their home city.  If you watch their channel, this obviously hasn’t worked too well.  They are still filming in Toronto.

Often times the arrest of NELK has been spurred by people being pranked not having a sense of humor.  For example, during a 2017 prank a ToysRUs employee filed assault charges.  However, the police released them and gave them one of those warnings to stop filming pranks.  Do you think that stopped these entertainers?


Every time that NELK has gotten in trouble with the law, their fan base has stuck behind them.  At some points, fans have even started to get outraged at the YouTube stars winding up behind bars.  NELK knows that it is part of the cost of putting out the entertaining videos that they regularly release.

What Happened To Lucas From NELK?

Lucas from NELK left the team in 2017 because he was concerned about how the channel portrayed him.  Unlike his co-stars, he wasn’t planning to be a YouTuber for a while.  He wanted people to have a positive image of him.  While YouTube can be a good career, it usually isn’t one that lasts forever.

Many subscribers enjoy the NELK channel but for some future employers, they may frown on being part of a YouTube channel where the participants get arrested and play pranks.  This appears immature to most employers.  However, those looking for careers as actors, comedians, or something similar may find that it is a perfectly good role.

Despite the loss of Lucas from the NELK team it hasn’t lost any popularity.  Many people continued on to watch the channel.  In fact, they didn’t lose a noticeable amount of subscribers.  Over time, people will come and go from the channel but so far they have shown no signs of stopping.  Every time that NELK has considered putting down the camera they have come back for the joy of giving people a good laugh.

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